Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2017, 87 min

Filthy is coming-of-age story of seventeen-year-old Lena. In love with a boy for the first time, Lena longs for freedom and adventure. Her magic world is shattered instantly when her teacher, whom all her classmates have crush on, rapes her in her own home. Instead of sharing her trauma, Lena keeps it secret, even from her best friend. Her pent-up feelings drive her to a suicide attempt. With her family in shock, Lena ends up in a psychiatric ward. Among wild and similarly misunderstood kids, she discovers she is not alone in her experience. After her release, she decides to break the silence and to take action. The anger she feels is no longer directed against herself.

Cast / Dominika Morávková, Anna Rakovská, Robert Jakab, Anna Šišková, Patrik Holubář, Juliána Oľhová, Luboš Veselý    Writer / Barbora Námerová, Tereza Nvotová    Story / Barbora Námerová, Tereza Nvotová    DoP / Marek Dvořák    Editor / Jiří Brožek, Michal Lánský, Janka Vlčková    Sound / Ludvík Bohadlo, Jan Paul, Robert Slezák    Music / Pjoni and Ink Midget    Costumes / Andrijana Trpković    Set Designer / Andrijana Trpković

Release Date / 20 April 2017



Czech Film Center

Národní 28, 110 00 Praha 1
Česká republika


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