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The Czech Film Fund is the main public financing body for cinema in the Czech Republic. The Czech Film Fund supports all stages of film production, as well as promotion, distribution and other film-related areas. The Fund also administers production incentives for audio-visual projects made in the Czech Republic. Out of an annual operating budget of approximately 47 million euro, 31.3 million go to production incentives and 14.5 million to selective support.

The Czech Film Fund was established on 1. January 2013, based on the new Act No. 496/2012 on Audiovisual Works and Support for Cinematography. 
Act No. 496/2012 on Audiovisual Works and Support for Cinematography.

The Czech Film Center as a division of the Czech Film Fund  promotes and markets Czech films and the local film industry worldwide. It collaborates with major international film festivals and co-production platforms and utilizes a global network of partners, seeking opportunities for creative exchange between Czech filmmakers and their international counterparts.

The Czech Film Commission as a division of the Czech Film Fund  promotes the country with its film infrastructure as one of the world's top destinations for audiovisual production. As a comprehensive resource for filming in the Czech Republic, the commission provides incoming filmmakers with consultation, guidance, and contacts.

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Statutes of the Czech Film Fund (up-to-date regulations)

A Study of Feature Film Development in the Czech Republic (an Introduction)

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