Shooting in Czech Republic

Shooting in Czech Republic

Shooting in Czech Republic


There is a lot of resons why to shoot in the Czech Republic: experienced professionals building on a 120-year long filmmaking tradition; skilled and synced local crews;  11 centuries of European architecture and variety of natural scenery in a country that you can traverse within a 6-hour drive from east to west; Well-equipped studios with adaptable backlots; regional funding and a network of 11 regional film offices... 

The Czech Film Commission was established in 2004 to support audiovisual production in the Czech Republic and promote the country to international filmmakers as one of the world’s top destinations for international film productions.

  • Czech Film Commission provides consultation, guidance and contacts to incoming filmmakers and are the most comprehensive resource for information about filmmaking locally, from legal requirements and permits, to talent and tips on where to throw a wrap party.  
  • Czech Film Commission links international filmmakers to the local audiovisual infrastructure and to local authorities. And the communication goes two ways.
  • Czech Film Commission also listens to the developing needs of film industry professionals and communicate those to municipal and state institutions to ensure the Czech Republic remains a competitive partner on a global level.

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/Main photo by Julie Vrabelová: Sofia Helin, Kyle MacLachlan shooting Atlantic Crossing, directed by Alexander Eik. Read more/

Production incentives

Annual budget: EUR 31.4 million (CZK 800 million)
Type of incentive: Cash rebate
No application deadline

What we support:

  • Fiction, animated and documentary films (>70 minutes)
  • Fictional, scripted TV content – one-offs (>70 minutes) and TV series (>30 minutes per episode)
  • Animated TV series (>5 minutes per episode)
  • Pre-production, production and post-production

How much you get:

  • 20% cash rebate on eligible costs in the Czech Republic
  • Up to 10% on international cast and crew (calculated as a 66% rebate on withholding tax paid in the Czech Republic)
  • Eligible expenditures capped at 80% of the total budget; otherwise, no cap on per-project rebate

How to qualify:

  • Pass a cultural test (meet the European cultural and production criteria)
  • Meet minimum eligible spend in the Czech Republic:

○○ EUR 588,200 (CZK 15 million) for a fiction and animated feature

○○ EUR 78,400 (CZK 2 million) for a documentary feature

○○ EUR 313,700 (CZK 8 million) for an episode of a TV series

○○ EUR 39,200 (CZK 1 million) for an episode of an animated series

How to apply:

  • Registration possible at any time of the year
  • Allocation of rebates possible at any time of the year, although the time of application for allocation is important:
  • it must be submitted within 3 years from registration
  • within 4 months after the submission of application, at least 10 shooting days in the Czech Republic must have been completed (or within 9 months in case of a Eurimages project)
  • A service agreement is sufficient

Find out more about production incentives in the Czech Republic HERE.


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