Great Adventure of the Lucky Four

Great Adventure of the Lucky Four
Velké dobrodružství Čtyřlístku

Czech Republic, 2019, 72 min

It seems unbelievable, but the legendary Lucky Four celebrates 50th anniversary this year. The story of the new film begins by a campfire. The Lucky Four tell the best, the most exciting and the most hilarious stories which happened in the past year. We'll experience a climbing trip, search for a werewolf, space journey and even Christmas. It is up to the spectators to choose which story they like the most. Will you support Bobík, Fifinka, Myšpulín or Pinďa?

Cast / Tereza Bebarová, Bohdan Tůma, Jiří Ployhar, Jan Maxián, Miroslav Táborský    Writer / Michal Žabka    Story / Jaroslav Němeček    Editor / Lucie Haladová    Sound / Ivan Doležálek, Jan Čeněk    Music / Ivan Doležálek    Animator / Jaroslav Němeček

Release Date / 04 April 2019


Czech Film Center

Národní 28, 110 00 Praha 1
Česká republika


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