Ice Mother

Ice Mother
Bába z ledu

Czech Republic, Slovakia, France, 2017, 106 min

67-year-old Hana is the good soul of her family. Every week her sons with their wives and children come over for a family dinner. Selfless Hana takes care of little Ivánek, her grandson, who is not really cherishing his grandma’s help. One day, while searching for Ivánek who sneaked out of the garden centre, Hana catches a sight of a man (Broňa, 56) floating in the river, unable to move in the cold water. She helps him to get out of the icy water. Swimming in the freezing river – just for fun? Hana can’t believe it. In a series of events Hana starts to change her life. But when she discovers that straightforward Broňa has a dark secret too, she is once again forced to decide what she really wants in life.

Cast / Zuzana Kronerová, Pavel Nový, Václav Neužil, Tatiana Vilhelmová, Marek Daniel, Daniel Vízek, Petra Špačková    Writer / Bohdan Sláma    DoP / Diviš Marek    Editor / Jan Daňhel    Sound / Marek Poledna, Michal Holubec    Music / Mardi    Costumes / Zuzana Krejzková

Release Date / 23 February 2017


Czech Film Center

Národní 28, 110 00 Praha 1
Česká republika


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