Czech Republic, Slovakia, 2018, 117 min

Roman is a top level cyclist recovering from an injury through hard work and strict regimen. To improve his performance, he even sleeps in an oxygen tent installed in his bedroom. That is a bitter pill to swallow for his wife, Šarlota, whose long-time wish is to conceive a child. And so they both brim with determination, get lost in their obsessions and improve their bodies to a point where they might even frighten each other. With each night they spend in the oxygen tent, their relationship changes. Will they be able to catch a breath again in this claustrophobic environment?

Cast / Tereza Hofová, Jiří Konvalinka, Miroslav Hanuš, Tomáš Bambušek    Writer / Adam Sedlák    Story / Adam Sedlák    DoP / Dušan Husár    Editor / Šimon Hájek    Sound / Jakub Jurásek, Jan Šulcek    Music / Cyril Kaplan, Jiří Konvalinka, Kryštof Kaplan, Vložte Kočku    Costumes / Tereza Kopecká    Set Designer / Ondřej Lipenský

Release Date / 27 September 2018



Czech Film Center

Národní 28, 110 00 Praha 1
Česká republika


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