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Atlantis, 2003

Atlantis, 2003
Atlantida, 2003

Slovakia, Czech Republic, 2017, 30 min

2003, four years before Slovakia joined the Schengen Area. Martin and Denisija, a young couple from Ukraine, are trying to get illegaly to Germany through Slovakia, like many others. The border between Slovakia and Ukraine will be in a couple of years one of the most secured borders in Europe, but in 2003 it is still open for smugglers and for people hoping to find a new life in Western Europe. Neither of them have never been to Germany, and they are ready to sacrifice all they have to reach their dream destination.

Cast / Elizaveta Maximová, Levan Mania, Vladislav Šarišský    Writer / Michal Blaško    DoP / Adam Mach    Editor / Petr Hasalík    Sound / Ivan Ďurkech

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