Czech Film Springboard 2016 - list of projects

19 April 2016

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Czech Film Springboard 2016 - list of projects


Czech Film Center and Finale Plzen have been organizing a presentation of upcoming Czech films since 2004.  On 18 April 2016 they introduced a newly tailored presentation named – Czech Film Springboard.  

The new event is in line with the general effort of Czech Film Center to draw more attention of competent international experts to interesting Czech projects in various stages of development. This previously public event now becomes a closed presentation accessible only for invited audience from various areas of industry. The invited professionals provided one to one consultations to the filmmakers and producers about the general concept of their projects, its international potential, exploitation strategy, etc.

Among the international guests were for example Marrit van der Elshout from Rotterdam IFF, Andrei Tanasescu from Toronto IFF, Rebekka Garrido from Connecting Cottbus, Juan Torres fom Latido Films or Satu Elo from EAVE programme.

From eight presented projects, five were Czech and three participated as guest projects.

Czech projects 


Set in the 19th century Prague, upon the birth of modern European society, Bohemian Rhapsody is a contemporary variation on the Faustian theme, telling the story of the Czech dramatist Ladislav Stroupežnický, whose wild, uncompromising nature and desire for greatness collide with his nation’s die-hard backward thinking.

Director Ondřej Hudeček
Scriptwriter Jan Smutný, Ondřej Hudeček
Producer Tomáš Hrubý, Pavla Janoušková Kubečková – nutprodukce
Co-producer Ondřej Hudeček
Genre historical action queer drama


Delicate and subtle Lena (17) goes through a serious trauma, attempts suicide and ends up in psychiatric hospital to finally find courage to confront her past and grow up.

Director Tereza Nvotová
Scriptwriter Barbora Námerová
Producer Miloš Lochman / moloko film (Czech Republic)
Co-producer Peter Badač / BFILM (Slovakia), FAMU (Czech Republic)
Genre drama


Two boys on the run, on the road, in a stolen car. They’re only just twelve and they might never have a greater feeling of freedom again than during these two days.

Director Olmo Omerzu
Scriptwriter Petr Pýcha
Producer Jiří Konečný / endorfilm (Czech Republic)
Co-producer Rok Biček / Cvinger film (Slovenia), Ivan Ostrochovský / Punkchart films (Slovakia), Česká televize (Czech Republic)
Genre road-movie, comedy


Eva goes through a difficult period of her life. The weaker the people around her are, the stronger Eva has to become. She leaves the story as a strong female character, toughened up by the experience of life, and thus the end of the story brings hope.

Director Bohdan Sláma
Scriptwriter Evita Naušová
Producer Viktor Tauš, Olga Štěpánková (executive producer) / Fog’n’Desire Films (Czech Republic)
Co-producer Sokol Kollar (Slovakia)
Genre drama


At the end of his infamous career, a notorious criminal must deceive himself in order to set himself free.

Director Tomáš Klein, Tomáš Merta
Scriptwriter Barbora Námerová, Tomáš Klein, Tomáš Merta
Producer Tomáš Michálek, Dagmar Sedláčková / MasterFilm (Czech Republic)
Co-producer Michael Kaboš / Media Film (Slovakia)
Genre drama

Guest projects:


The story of a father who has lost his son. The seemingly simple case gets complicated after an unexpected link to organized crime is found, and when due to failed trial, the attackers are set free. Will he have to deliver justice by himself?

Director Teodor Kuhn
Scriptwriter Teodor Kuhn, Jakub Medvecký
Producer Jakub Viktorín / nutprodukcia
Country Slovakia
Genre thriller


There is a water labyrinth somewhere called the Maze-in-Lake. Many have tried to uncover its secret but those who set thein sails in its intricate channels have never returned to the port.

Director Csaba Bollók
Scriptwriter Csaba Bollók, Erzsi Kertész
Producer Merkelfilm
Country Hungary
Genre (an ecological) fairy tale


On his way home, on a bus, under the impression of the conversation about life and death an old man overheard in a pub, he thinks back about his brother’s death and about the environment in which he himself grew up.

Director Matjaž Ivanišin
Scriptwriter Matjaž Ivanišin, Nebojša Pop Tasić
Producer Miha Černec / Staragara
Co-producer i/o post (Czech Republic)
Country Slovenia, Czech Republic
Genre drama

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