Czech Film Fund Awarded 66 million for Production of Feature Films

27 November 2017

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Czech Film Fund Awarded 66 million for Production of Feature Films


Czech Film Fund has supported the production of 8 feature length films with a total sum of 66 million Czech Crowns (2.357.000. EUR). The highest amount – 13.5 million CZK – was awarded to project Kryštof of director Zdeněk Jiráský. 

The picture Kryštof is based on Kristián Suda’s screenplay and tells a coming-of-age story of a young man who becomes a monk after the Communist takeover of 1948, and who attempts to escape Czechoslovakia through the Czech Forest on the Southern border of the country with Austria. The fund’s Council appreciated the originality of the screenplay about a historic topic and its urgency.

The Council gave the highest point evaluation to the project National Avenue. Jaroslav Rudiš, an awarded novelist and author, wrote the screenplay on the basis of his own book together with the film’s director, Štěpán Altrichter, for whom this film is a sophomore directorial project. Altrichter’s directorial feature film debut was a Czech-German coproduction film Schmitke. Among the awarded projects was also another film on a historical topic – Jan Palach – about the Czech national hero who set himself on fire as an act of protest against the invasion of Soviet troups of the country. The film is produced in time for the 50th anniversary of Palach’s death and it is directed by Robert Sedláček (Rules of Lying, Long Live the Family) with screenplay by Eva Kantůrková.

Genre films have also received support from the fund. The black comedy Benzina Dehtov will be directed by Vladimír Michálek (Of Parents and ChildrenSekal Has to Die, Forgotten Light); a sci-fi thriller Restore Point (dir. Robert Hloz) takes place in the near future when people who suffered a premature death are “restarted” and therefore suicide becomes almost impossible. Colonization of the outer space is also the topic of Mars, (dir. Benjamin Tuček), which was shot in a simulated space station facility in the desert of Utah.

The creators of the online exclusive streaming series Blanik Office received support of 5 million CZK for a feature film version of the political satire about the series’s namesake, a ruthless political lobbyist. A minimalist observation film about a murder without a cause – In the Pines – also received support and is headlined by screenwriter Zdeněk Holý and director Radim Špaček (Walking Too Fast, Places).  

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