The Czech Film Fund supported animated shorts and features

20 March 2019

Film Industry

The Czech Film Fund supported animated shorts and features

Film Industry

The Czech Film Fund supported animated shorts and features


From the total amount of 9 projects that applied for support in the call for development of animated films, 7 projects were granted altogether CZK 4 977 000 (EUR 195 176). The highest amount CZK 1,1 million (EUR 43 137) received The Websters and Pearl.

A family friendly animated feature The Websters by Katarína Kerekesová follows a successful animated Slovak TV series of the same name. The Czech-Slovak co-production (the Czech side is represented by 13ka) 3D film brings the audience an educational story both for kids and parents.

A popular-scientific short film Očím skryté, directed by Maria Procházková, focuses on a medieval painting in an unconventional way. The producer of this project Vladimír Lhoták (Hausboot) is associated with an upcoming animated feature Even Mice Belong in Heaven.

Another feature length animated film – Martin Kotík’s Pearl tells a story about a water-sprite town on the bottom of the Vltava river, far away from the "dangerous" humans. The main character, a teenage fairy called Pearl, believes that she has powers to protect the underwater world.

Serious adult themes are represented by an animated short Dagon, based on a H. P. Lovecraft story, which takes place at two different times. While the first part focuses on a detective from San Francisco, who is haunted by his memories from the World War I, the second part tells a story about an only survivor of a sunken American submarine during the World War II. The film about the lonely seaman who can’t cope with his tragic fate is a directorial debut of Prokop WIlhelm.

The full list of supported projects:

The Websters | 13ka | CZK 1,1 million (EUR 43 137)
Očím skryté | Hausboot Production | CZK 240 000 (EUR 9 412)
Pearl | Rolling Pictures | CZK 1,1 million (EUR 43 137)
Dagon | Analog Vision | CZK 361 000 (EUR 14 157)
Postižky | Bionaut | CZK 900 000 (EUR 35 294)
Astromrzout | Bohemian Multimedia | CZK 393 000 (EUR 15 412)
O čertovi | Silent Cartoons | CZK 880 000 (EUR 34 510)

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