Czech Film Fund announced support for the development of documentaries

11 August 2019

Film Industry

Czech Film Fund announced support for the development of documentaries

Film Industry

Czech Film Fund announced support for the development of documentaries


From the total amount of 15 projects that applied for support in the call for development of documentaries, 11 projects were granted altogether CZK 4,5 million (EUR 176 471). The highest amount CZK 500 000 (EUR 19 608) received 3 projects: Alive and Dead (Živé a mrtvé), The End of the World (Konec světa) and The Visitors (Návštěvníci).

The End of the World (Konec světa) by Barbora Chalupová (currently working on the documentary Caught in the Net) focuses on quite ordinary man who believes the earth is not round. The documentary, produced by PINK, was granted CZK 500 000 (EUR 19 608). The same amount received Veronika Lišková’s time-lapse documentary The Visitors (Návštěvníci), produced by Cinémotif Films, which tells a story of a young anthropologist who, with her family and children, sets out to Arctic to explore the local community.

The third project that was granted CZK 500 000 (EUR 19 608) is Anna Kryvenko’s Alive and Dead (Živé a mrtvé), produced by Analog Vision. The documentary focuses on an empathy in society and how this topic is portrayed in the media. Kryvenko prepares a collage made of archive materials, news recordings or webcasts. Another project focused on media, supported in this call, is What’s the News, produced by bull film. In this documentary, which was supported with the amount of CZK 320 000 (EUR 12 549), Farid Eslam will explore the future of an independent journalism and the essence of fake news.

In his documentary essay, the celebrated author Miroslav Janek observes the parallels between humans and bees. All Will be Good (Všechno dobře dopadne) is produced by Mimesis Film and was granted CZK 360 000 (EUR 14 118). The nature is also a theme for Ivo Bystřičan and Era Production. Klimageddon, supported with the amount of CZK 380 000 (EUR 14 902), is an experiment in which creators try to solve climate problems in a specific place in the Czech Republic.

Two projects dealing with society-wide themes were supported in this call. While Tereza Reichová in The Chapters from School Work (Kapitoly ze školní práce), produced by Cinepoint and granted CZK 400 000 (EUR 15 686), focuses on the state of Czech education, The Fools’ Spaceship (Vesmírná loď bláznů), a co-operation between Hynek Trojánek, Vladimír Turner and nutprodukce, is about society’s approach to the mentally handicapped. The documentary, supported with the amount of CZK 340 000 (EUR 13 333) tends to be also a reflection on where the boundary between normal and abnormal is.

Jan Strejcovský’s documentary Is It Worth It? (Má to cenu?), produced by GPO Platform, deals with the art market and the value of art. The author based his essay on an affair of celebrities who bought fake art and was granted CZK 450 000 (EUR 17 647). The Nepali in Jablonec (Nepálci v Jablonci) is a project of Theodora Remundová (also a producer of the film), in which the documentarist observes a group of Nepalis who emigrated to the Czech Republic. The film received the sum of CZK 350 000 (EUR 13 725) and will follow problems of immigrants during their assimilation. On the fate of priests, who gave up celibacy and mostly were expelled from the church, focuses Libuše Rudinská in Celibacy or Burdening Loneliness of Clergy (Celibát aneb tíživá samota kléru). The documentary was supported with the amount of CZK 400 000 (EUR 15 686).

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