Ten documentaries were granted the support for production

14 April 2020

Film Industry

Ten documentaries were granted the support for production

Film Industry

Ten documentaries were granted the support for production


Last month, the Czech Film Fund announced the support for production of documentaries. Ten of the total of 24 submitted projects succeeded and were granted altogether CZK 12 million (EUR 444 444). The Council was interested mostly in stories of historical stories or themes of nature.

Two projects which focus on historical themes were supported by large sums in this call. The debut documentary by Viktor Portel, Investigator, produced by Frame Films, observes investigations of crimes against humanity such as those that happened in former Yugoslavia. The Czech Film Fund granted the film the amount of CZK 1,6 million (EUR 59 259). The era of the existence of the Eastern Bloc also examines Jan Zajíček in co-operation with Vladimír Brož (known as Vladimír 518) and Film Kolektiv. In Architecture 58-89, the authors map a development of Czechoslovak architecture under the supervision of the Czechoslovak state. The project received CZK 1,5 million (EUR 55 556) for production.

Several documentaries, which were granted the production support in this call, focus on themes of nature or travelling. The Highest support CZK 1,8 million (EUR 66 667) was granted to Planet Prague, directed by Marián Polák, Jan Hošek and produced by Radim Procházka’s Kuli Film. After the success of Wilder Than Wilderness, which was focused on the nature of interesting and atypical spaces of the Czech Republic, the authors observe the nature of Czech capital, Prague.

David Čálek’s Doctor on a Trip tells a story of an international team of scientists who set off for the Amazon rainforest to compare different aspects of the influence of psychedelics on brain function with the centuries-long experience of Indian shamans living in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. The documentary, produced by Mimesis Film, was granted CZK 1,3 million (EUR 48 148). A different view on the Amazon jungle prepares Alice Růžičková in the documentary Jungle / Placht. The project, produced by Frame Films and supported by Czech Film Fund with CZK 1,3 million (EUR 48 148), analyzes chaotic and mysterious work of an artist Otto Placht who lived and painted in the depths of South American nature.

Another environmental theme supported in this call is Wilderness Calls. The director Pavel Soukup maps the activites of an animal protector, Tomáš Ouhel, who tries to safe critically endangered Indonesian animal, called manis. The documentary produced by Bionaut received the amount of CZK 800 000 (EUR 29 630).

Two documentaries which thematize family or society problems were supported in this call. Happily Ever After, directed by Jana Počtová ((Non) parent) and produced by Punk Film, is the closing film of the director's trilogy about partnerships of today, introducing a mosaic of six different stories, which in some way deviate from the classic, traditional model of a relationship. The documentary was granted CZK 1,4 million (EUR 51 852). In The Visitors, acclaimed documentarist Veronika Lišková (Daniel's World) tells a story of an young anthropologist Zdenka who arrives with her family in the Arctic to live there for two years, in order to study and understand how life changes in the polar regions. The film, produced by Kristýna Michálek Květová from Cinémotif Films, received CZK 1,3 million (EUR 48 148).

The Council was also interested in the projects which focuse on specific hobbies – Biker (CZK 600 000 / EUR 22 222) and The Peculiarity of Czech Fishing (CZK 400 000 / EUR 14 815). While a documentary short Biker by Jakub Šmíd and Zuzana Kučerová (produced by Frame Films), is a portrait of a family with two adolescent daughters dedicated to biketrial and mototrial, The Pecularity of Czech Fishing tells a story of 6 fisherman from the town Jihlava who go on a fishing trip to Norway. The film directed by Ivana Pauerová Miloševič and produced by Aerofilms is a mix of a humor, friendship, unfilled dreams and disappearing of male identity.

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