Six Czech projects selected for Annecy IAFF and the Mifa 2020

18 April 2020

Czech Film

Six Czech projects selected for Annecy IAFF and the Mifa 2020

Czech Film

Six Czech projects selected for Annecy IAFF and the Mifa 2020


Four Czech shorts and co-productions are part of this year's official short films selection of Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Belgian-Czech Carrousel will compete in Short Films Competition, Way of Sylvie in the Graduation Short Films Competition, and Hungry Bear Tales "Truffles!" in the TV Films Competition. Music video Past "Tíseň" was announced as a part of Commissioned Films Competition. In addition, the selection of this year's Mifa Pitches includes another two Czech projects in development.

Despite the current coronavirus situation, Annecy International Animation Film Festival will be held online from 15 to 30 June, 2020. Four Czech short films and co-productions will be part of its official selection, already announced yesterday, and also will be viewable on the festival’s website.

Belgian-Czech Carrousel, directed by Jasmine Elsen, produced by Brecht Van Elslande from Animal Tank (BE) and co-produced by Peter Badač from on the Czech side, will compete in Short Films Competition. Last year, Badač succeeded in Annecy with The Kite, this time the producer brings to the festival a short story of a woman who lives her routine, a small, very well organized system, a small microcosm which is disrupted by the arrival of newcomers. Carrousel was supported as a minority co-production by the Czech Film Fund in 2018 with CZK 500 000 (EUR 20 000).

Twelve minutes long Way of Sylvie by FAMU's Verica Pospíšilová Kordič has been selected for the Graduation Short Films Competition. The film focuses on a behavior of a woman named Sylvie, and on her ability of multitasking.

"Truffles!", an episode of Hungry Bear Tales, a Czech-Irish TV series about two bear friends Ned and Mishka, is a part of this year's TV Films Competition. Hungry Bear Tales, directed by Kateřina Karhánková and Alexandra Májová, is a co-operation of Barbora Příkaská from Bionaut (CZ) with co-producers Czech Television (CZ), Treehouse Republic (IR), Kosmonaut (PL) and Raketa (SK). The project was supported by the Production Incentives Programme in the Czech republic with the sum.

Last but not least, a video clip Past "Tíseň", directed by Nora Štrbová and Alžběta Suchanová, has been selected for Commissioned Films in Competition. The clip thematizes an anxiety which is personified and constantly changing shape.

In 2019, Daughter, directed by Daria Kashcheeva, was honored with 2 awards including one of the main prizes: Cristal for a Graduation Film. A historical success for Czech animation was completed by Martin Smatana’s The Kite which received Young Audience Award.


Two other projects, both directed by successful young author Martin Smatana, will represent Czech cinema at the industry programme Mifa Pitches. The first one is Smatana’s partly autobiographical film Hello Summer which shows a misery of a family on vacation by the sea. The short was supported by the Czech Film Fund for development with EUR 17 778 and it is produced by the director himself.

After the success of The Kite (world premiere at Berlinale’s Generation, 2019), producer Peter Badač ( came with an idea of animated children´s series I Want to Know! which emulates The Kite both in terms of storytelling and visual style, and on which he works with the director Martin Smatana and two other experienced writers.

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