Seven animation features and shorts received production support

21 June 2020

Film Industry

Seven animation features and shorts received production support

Film Industry

Seven animation features and shorts received production support


Czech Film Fund announced support for the production of 7 animation feature and short films. All together 7 projects were supported with the amount of CZK 36 million (EUR 1 333 333).

The highest amount CZK 14 million (EUR 518 519) was granted to Crystal Riders, directed by Arsen Ostojić and produced by Petr Horák from Alkay Animation Prague and Ostojič's Filmosaurus Rex (HR). Feature film fairy-tale focuses on a recently colonized planet, whre two twelve-year-olds secretly make a pet out of an unfamiliar dinosaur-like youngling searching for his mother who was caught by a mutant monster. The film was already supported by the Czech Film Fund for the development with CZK 846 000 (EUR 31 333).

Another two animation features appear among supported in this call. While Pearl, about a teenage water-sprite royalty who has abilities that other children don't, is created and produced by debut director Martin Kotík (Rolling Pictures) and was granted CZK 10 million (EUR 370 370), The Websters, about a spider family who lives in the highest spot of all the spider families in the house on the Silk Street, is a sequel to the successful eponymous TV series. The project is directed, co-written, produced by Katarína Kerekesová from Fool Moon (SK) and co-produced by Anna Vášová, Karolína Davidová from 13ka (CZ), and received CZK 3,5 million (EUR 129 630).

Hurricane (Hurikán), directed by Jan Saska (Happy End) and produced by Kamila Dohnalová from Last Films, Martin Vandas from MAUR film, is a deep-fried romance from Prague featuring a pig-headed alcoholic on a simple mission: get a new keg of beer for his favourite bartender girl. The film was supported with CZK 2,9 million (EUR 107 407).

Another debut supported in this call is About a Demon. Experienced animatior and first-time director Mirek Zachariáš prepares in co-operation with Bohumil Chomát from Silent Cartoons a story of the mischievous demon Florimón who is banished from the heat of hell to play pranks on people. Twenty-eight minutes long fairy-tale received the amount of CZK 3,1 million (EUR 114 815).

Last but not least, two short distinctive auteur projects received the support for production in this call. While Michael Carrington's Waves (Vlny), produced by Artcam Films, shows an impressive animation of the sand, and was supported with the amount of CZK 1,2 million (EUR 44 444), a puppet short A Goose (Husa), written and directed by Jan Míka and produced by animation people, was granted CZK 1,3 million (EUR 48 148).

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