Co-productions with France, Romania or Myanmar supported by the Czech Film Fund

08 December 2020

Film Industry

Co-productions with France, Romania or Myanmar supported by the Czech Film Fund

Film Industry

Co-productions with France, Romania or Myanmar supported by the Czech Film Fund


The Czech Film Fund announced support for eight minority co-productions with the amount of CZK 20 000 000 (aprox EUR 760 000). Six fiction features, one documentary and one animated short succeeded in this call and will be capable to build strong ties with partners from France, Romania, Latvia, Slovakia, Israel or Myanmar.

The highest amount in this call CZK 3,95 million (EUR 150 000) was granted to Romanian drama Quixote’s Last Film. Director Tom Wilson will co-operate with Czech company Cinémotif Films on his family thriller about a mother, three daughters and an unwanted eccentric friend. Quite a lot of Czech talent is attached to the project: Jana Bílková (makeup artist), Michaela Patríková (sound), Ondřej Mikula (music) or Agáta Hrnčířová & Jakub Felcman (dramaturgy).

The other majority-Romanian film, supported in this call with CZK 2,8 million (EUR 106 000), is being made with the contribution of Bulgaria, Greece, France and Czech company Background Films. To the North is director’s Mihai Mincan’s debut and it tells a story of Romanian-Bulgarian friendship of two refugees who get stuck on the Taiwanese-Philippine ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 

Dead Language, Israeli-Hungarian-Czech co-production represented by the established Czech company Negativ on the Czech side, follows two strangers who fall in love with each other at the airport. The romantic drama written and directed by the Oscar-nominated authors Mihal Brezis & Oded Binnun was supported with CZK 3,6 million (EUR 136 000).

Slovak director Juraj Lehotský (Nina, 2017) prepares a social drama about an unrecognized musician. Applause, which is co-produced by Poland and the Czech Republic (Black Balance), received the amount of CZK 3 million (EUR 114 000) in this call.

Myanmar-French-Czech co-operation Fruit Gathering was granted CZK 2,7 million (EUR 102 000). Aung Phyoe’s a relationship drama, co-produced by Vít Janeček of D1film, successfully participated this summer at Locarno’s international co-production platform Open Doors Hub where it won the Open Doors development grant.

Latvian theater director Marta Elīna Martinsone prepares her film debut Lame-os, supported with CZK 2 million (EUR 76 000), in co-production with 8Heads Productions. A coming-of-age story of three unpopular girls is being made also with contributions of Tamara Koubová (makeup artist), Ludvík Bohadlo, Stanislav Kejval & Pavel Jan (sound) and Michal Rataj (music).

Two majority French films were also supported in this call. While Joseph Pierce’s animated short Scale, co-produced by endorfilm on the Czech side, was supported with CZK 1,2 million (EUR 46 000), Christian Paigneau received the grant CZK 800 000 (EUR 30 000) for a documentary Czechoslovak Fairytale about the Czechoslovak New Wave and a half-forgotten story of a scriptwriter Jan Procházka. The documentary is co-produced by Sirius Film on the Czech side.

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