Ten animated projects in development or production supported by the Czech Film Fund

29 April 2021

Film Industry

Ten animated projects in development or production supported by the Czech Film Fund

Film Industry

Ten animated projects in development or production supported by the Czech Film Fund


For the first time, the Czech Film Fund decided to combine support for development and production of animation films and distributed among 10 projects (6 for production, 4 for development) the full amount of EUR 1,3 million (CZK 34 million) allocated in this call.


The highest amount, EUR 635 000, in this call was granted to Fichtelberg. Feature-length debut by animator Šimon Koudela (The Castaway) focuses on a topic of human fate threatened by supernatural evil and determined by God’s unconditional will, typical for middle ages, clashing with the ideas of early Renaissance represented by young rationally thinking knight Henry. The project, produced by Viktor Schwarcz of Cineart TV Prague, was already supported by the CFF in scriptwriting and development stages with altogether EUR 30 000.

Director Radek Beran and producers Jakub Červenka & Petr Kratochvíl of Bedna Films prepare a sequel to feature Little Man (2015), called Little Man 2 (granted EUR 270 000) – another adventure of the title puppet hero whose peaceful life is this time disturbed by overpopulation of “deerers” and greedy Chief Protector, Dr Zetek. Ondřej Moravec received EUR 190 000 for production of his short Darkening which is produced by Hana Blaha Šilarová of Frame Films. An animated documentary which uses virtual reality to address depression and the ways to cope with it, was already backed by the Czech Film Fund in the development stage back in 2019.

The production of animated shorts Mum Is Always Right, Forgive, Weeds and Whatman was supported as part of a one package titled Four Voices. While Mum Is Always Right by Marie Urbánková focuses on whether moms are always right when they teach their children, Alžbeta Mačáková Mišejková in Forgive assumes that ability to forgive is a lifetime goal. Weeds (Plevel) by Polina Kazak follows a gardener fighting weeds and Nika Zinověva’s Whatman thematizes civic activism. All four films are produced by established production company MAUR film and were granted altogether EUR 50 000 for production.

Michael Carrington's short Waves (Vlny), which uses an impressive animation of a sand, was supported with EUR 38 000 (production company Automat Svět). Metaphorical animated short Lights (Světla), directed by Jitka Skálová and produced by Analog Vision, focuses on a little flame which revolts the system because it does not want to be lit forever like other flames. The project was backed by the CFF with EUR 15 000.


Animated documentary The Cripple Culture (Kultura kriplů) by directing duo Prokop Wilhelm and Jaroslav Kratochvíl, maps forty years of the Czech video game scene which was considered inferior in communist Czechoslovakia. Production company Analog Vision was granted EUR 46 000 for development of the film.

Production company Barletta received EUR 35 000 for development of Kristina Dufková’s About Dreams (O snech) – which tells a story of how big and colorful dreams children can have, especially those from single-parent families.

Short films about two unfortunate heroes were also supported in this call. While Martin Pertlíček’s Daemon of the Moorland (Démon slatě) will tell a story of a man who tries to find his seat in a train as well as his role in the world (MAUR film received EUR 14 000), director and producer Jan Míka, granted 15 000, follows unfortunate barber who loses his temper in a project called Kokesh (Kokeš).

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