The Czech Film Fund supported production of 9 documentaries

08 September 2021

Film Industry

The Czech Film Fund supported production of 9 documentaries

Film Industry

The Czech Film Fund supported production of 9 documentaries


For the second time this year, the Council of the Czech Film Fund decided about production support for documentary films. From the total amount of 31 applications, the CFF supported 9 feature-length documentaries and distributed among them EUR 462 000 (CZK 12 million), the full amount allocated in this call.

The highest amount in this call (EUR 77 000) received Hypermarket Film for the production of The Limits of Europe / The Limits of Work 2 (Hranice Evropy / Hranice práce 2), a follow-up to the successful documentary The Limits of Work (Best Czech Documentary Film at the Ji.hlava IDFF 2017). This time, the creative duo Apolena Rychlíková & Saša Uhlová focus on Germany, Great Britain and France, where they explore, first-hand, the conditions of Eastern Europe workers.

A similar theme, grasped from a different perspective, is explored by Oksana Moiseniuk who will shoot a portrait of a Ukrainian worker living in the Czech Republic. The Ukrainian Centaurs (Ukrajinští kentauři) is produced by FenomART and backed by the Czech Film Fund with EUR 38 000.

Two experimental, formally specific documentaries that deal with the environmental issues were supported in this call. While Květa Přibylová will capture (in production of Frame Films) the life of endangered bird species through a combination of documentary and animation techniques in her debut Who’s Missing Today? (Kdo tu dnes chybí?), Ondřej Vavrečka (Personal Life of a Hole) and D1film joint forces to answer environmental and existential questions in the form of a documentary musical called 1+1+1. Each project was supported with EUR 58 000.

World-famous auteur Jan Švankmajer (Insect) will map out his own extensive art collection, which he created in the manner of ancient kings. Kunstkamera, produced by Jaromír Kallista of Athanor and the director himself, received EUR 35 000 for production.

Two portraits of people trying to live in conditions different from those in which they grew up have also been backed by the CFF. The Valley of Heart (Údolí srdce) tells a story of a poor Nepalese youth from the ritually highest caste of Brahmins who has come to the Czech Republic in search of a better life. Established company endorfilm was granted the support of EUR 58 000.

Director Marie Dvořáková, who won the Student Academy Award for her short film Who’s Who in Mycology (2016), focuses on young Czech photographer, who set out from a small town in Moravia to make a living in the most challenging environment possible – in New York. Far from Mikulov (Daleko od Mikulova) is produced by Evolution Films and received the amount of EUR 38 000.

In his documentary Is It Worth It? (Má to cenu?) director Jan Strejcovský explores the financial value of today's fine art in a provocative performative form. The film is produced by GPO Platform and was supported by the CFF with EUR 42 000.

Last but not least, Petr Cífka and Štěpán FOK Vodrážka prepare The Legend of PSH (Legenda PSH), which will be a portrait of the legendary Czech hip-hop group and its three members. Bionaut was granted EUR 58 000 for the production of the film.

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