Czech Film Springboard

Czech Film Springboard

Czech Film Springboard


Czech Film Springboard is an industry programme organised by the Czech Film Fund / Czech Film Center in cooperation with Finále Plzeň film festival since 2016.

In 2019, the programme ran between April 13 – 15, 2019.

Czech Film Springboard is composed in four parts:

  • Pitching & Round Tables - Presentation of upcoming Czech films
  • Work in Progress presentation (newly added in 2018)
  • Who Is Who
  • Funding News

Presentation of projects

Pitching & Round Tables (closed presentation and consultation)
Presentation of 6-8 Czech projects in development. Selected projects are pitched to invited international experts from various areas of film industry by their producers and directors and later discussed individually at round tables with selected professionals.
The event is closed for public and accessible only for invited experts and presenters of the selected projects. The ultimate goal is to draw attention of competent international experts to carefully selected Czech projects in various stages of development, and to give the projects a chance to test their viability.

Works in Progress
Presentation of around 5 carefully selected films in late production or post-production that will be ready for festival release in the fall and that are ready to attract international professionals. 

Who Is Who
Informal meeting with the invited foreign film industry experts. Representatives of co-production markets, financing platforms, festivals, training initiatives and sales agents present their activities. Open to all film professionals present at the festival.

Funding News
Moderated discussion about funding opportunities and co-producing in Europe. The representatives of different national funds  give an overview, and answer questions on accessing financing in their countries. Open to all film professionals present at the festival.

2019 - details

A Summer Fair (Pout' v Modré)

  • Director: Erlend Hella Matre
  • Producer: Andrea Shaffer / Mindset Pictures
  • Co-producer: Lucy Loves Stories Oy (FI), KFS Production (SK)
  • Synopsis: Eva (37) returns to her home town after a 20-year absence. Her father has died and the mayor of the town has expropriated a valuable piece of land, Eva claims is her legal heritage. The mayor reacts with aggression, but his daughter Sandra (21) takes a strange interest in Eva. Sandra and Eva both engage intimately with the young entomologist Karel (26). Mayor’s world is torn apart as Karel brings the two women together, not knowing they are, in fact, mother and daughter.

Eternal Peace (Věčný klid)

  • Director: Vojtěch Strakatý
  • Producer: Marek Novák / Xova Film
  • Synopsis: In the near future on the brink of ecological apocalypse, a young girl must sell her family's belongings to pay off debts incurred by her father while being chased by debt collectors.

Martian Ships (Marťanské lodě)

  • Director: Jan Foukal
  • Producer: Ondřej Zima, Silvie Michajlova / Film Kolektiv
  • Co-producer: Storm Film (NO)
  • Synopsis: Based on a story of the Květa group band-master, Martin Kyšperský, the film describes his relationship with Alenka Černá, their first encounter, shared happiness, their fight with pain, Alenka's choice to leave this world and Martin's effort to get over this great loss. He tries to understand why it all had to end that way.

Ordinary Failures (Běžná selhání)

  • Director: Cristina Groșan
  • Producer: Marek Novák / Xova Film
  • Synopsis: One day in the life of three women. One city, struck by random mysterious explosions. Presage of an end and a new beginning in the chaos of postmodern world.

The Body (Tělo)

  • Director: Natálie Císařovská
  • Producer: Viktor Schwarcz / Cineart TV Prague
  • Co-producer: Silverart (SK)
  • Synopsis: Young competitive diver Andrea is training for the Olympic Games in Atlanta (1996). Her sister Lucie is also a diver but Andrea is better and she also sacrifices everything for her sport career. She sees her body as an instrument of performance. After a serious injury ends her sport career, Andrea needs to start over and do things differently. She dives into the porn industry and soon she becomes famous and successful in this domain as well. This purely personal choice disrupts relationships in her family, particularly Lucie is disgusted and refuses to have anything to do with her sister. It is only Andrea's illness that unites them, all disagreements are forgotten. Andrea realizes that her body might be more than just a body.

The Fragile Beauty of Masculinity (Křehká krása mužství)

  • Director: Andrea Culková
  • Producer: Miroslav Novák, Viktoria Hozzová / Duracfilm
  • Synopsis: Adam (41) is a medical rescuer and he is fighting with his second severe injury in his men's life. Is this finally painful chance for Adam to learn "something" and make meaningful changes in his entire life or is there no chance to step out from his behavioral pattern based on traditional masculine role? He lives for his motorcycle. It was the motorcycle that always helped him run away from his problems, and it’s the motorcycle that, even now, he’s been shaken to the core, gives him strength. Iva (39) has learned to live with Adam as an eternal child, and she wants to continue sacrificing herself for him and their children, even as he gradually pulls her under water. She knows that without her Adam would be finished. But will she make it? Could her love bear all these hard tests?

2018 - details
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