Short film Imprisoned goes to San Sebastian

29 August 2017

Czech Film Short Films

Short film Imprisoned goes to San Sebastian


Imprisoned by young director Damián Vondrášek was selected for Film Students Meeting at San Sebastian IFF. This competition section shows 14 short films made by international film school students. Film was premiered in Karlovy Vary IFF.

The 27-minute drama tells a story of Jakub, who lost his job as a teacher, and unemployment only increases his nagging doubts of inadequacy, which are certainly not allayed by his father-in-law. The latter imagined someone better for his daughter, and he never lets an opportunity slip by to make this perfectly clear. A job offer as a prison educator may at least partially resolve existential and familial tensions, but Jakub must answer a fundamental question: Will he control others and be controlled by them? The claustrophobic feelings from the prison visit in no way differ from the hopelessness dominating his own life, and the decision isn’t easy…

Imprisoned is a part of Czech Short Films collection.

Read the interview with the director here.

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