Czech Short Films 2017

20 October 2016

Short Films

Czech Short Films 2017

Short Films

Czech Short Films 2017


Collection of newly-produced Czech short films, which contains 10 feature, animated and documentary films, selected by a jury of film professionals.


Michal Hruška / fiction / 18 min


A successful young man, Benny makes good money as a hitman and he knows his way with beautiful women. But what will he do when he is assigned to murder himself? A cynical crime-comedy, this duel of words deals with twisted values and empty relationships.


The House

Veronika Zacharová / animation / 5 min
original title: Domek


A short animated film from a world much akin to ours. It begins with a family that leaves their small suburban home, something the house cannot abide. Thus begins its journey to find the family. The one clue left to the house is a shiny red business card that leads it to a strange part of the city, occupied by robotic, automated houses. Will this be where the owners can be found?


I ♥

Lenka Benešová / documentary / 12 min


I'm searching under the bed, behind the wardrobe, in the cellar and I'm still not finding it. I'm searching behind the corner, I'm searching in the pot, but it is not even there. A short movie about the fact of my loneliness and my urgent need to change this state of being. I help myself with guaranteed ways for "singles, who want to help the good luck". I'm not giving up. I care.


The Collision

Šimon Štefanides / fiction / 13 min
original title: Nehoda


Old Mr. Tošovský has knocked down Mrs. Pařízková by a car. His daughter Zuzana is boiling with anger and takes the car keys away from him to prevent him from further driving. On one hand Zuzana solves the problem with her father, but on the other she antagonizes her mother Jana, who is planning a trip to a remote cemetery to do the spring-cleaning. After a quarrel with her daughter, Jana decides not to leave the things as they are.


Shadow Over Prague

Marek Berger / animation / 13 min
original title: Pérák


Animated short based on an urban legend from the era of Nazi occupation of Czechoslovakia during the WW II. The phantom avenger with spring-heeled shoes jumps above the streets of Prague and fights the occupants. He has to stop the Nazis from waking up the Golem - a dreadful artificial being from The Old Jewish Town.


Recovering Industry

Andrea Slováková / experimental / 19 min
original title: Rekonstrukce průmyslu


This metric film portrays the development of Czech industry in the past six years. The transformation of automobile, chemistry and heavy industry is captured in individual 6 minutes long compositions that layer shots from the factories. Each layer undergoes a change in one of the image parameters  according to the changes of economic data of a given industry field.


Traces, Fragments, Roots

Květa Přibylová / documentary / 24 min
original title: Stopy, střepy, kořeny


A personal and inner film poem about the blending and ingrowth of the past and the present, the dead and the living. Traces are the imprints of the past in the present. Fragments are the result of the sudden change of state, the shattering of the continuity between the past and the present. Roots are the connection and the bond to the past.


The Christmas Ballad

Michal Žabka / animation / 12 min
original title: Vánoční balada


The Christmas Ballad based on the very last script by Břetislav Pojar. In the ruins of the city, destroyed by the war, a small boy survives. He is hiding from fighting machines and collecting old broken toys that he carries to his shelter to repair them. They replace his friends and family. One day he finds a Christmas gift and runs away with him to the mound of the fairgrounds.



Damián Vondrášek / fiction / 27 min
original title: Vězení


Due to his insufficient qualifications, Jakub lost his job at an elementary school. One of the few job opportunities appears to be work at the out of town prison, also employing his father-in-law. Inspite of their mutual animosity, Jakub decides to take the job to support his family.


Who’s Who in Mycology

Marie Dvořáková / fiction / 15 min
original title: Kdo je kdo v mykologii


A young trombone player spends an adventurous night trying to open an impossible bottle of wine. An unconscious girl, a crooked bookcase and some mold get in his way, turning his world upside down. When the night is over he is forced to commit the ultimate act of courage.


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