Pula Film Festival focuses on Czech film

14 July 2017

Czech Film Short Films

Pula Film Festival focuses on Czech film

Czech Film Short Films

Pula Film Festival focuses on Czech film


Croatian Pula Film Festival (15 - 22 July, 2017) celebrates its 64th anniversary this year and the Czech Republic is a friend country of the festival this year. The focus is held with the participation of Czech Film Center. 

Three Czech feature films and four shorts will be shown in several festival programmes. In the programme Pulica + will be presented one of the most succesful Czech film of recent years – fairytale Angel of the Lord 2 (Anděl Páně 2) by Jiří Strach. The audience will also be able to see comedy-drama Ice Mother (Bába z ledu) by Bohdan Sláma, awarded at the Tribecca IFF, and drama from communist era The Teacher (Učitelka) by Jan Hřebejk.

Selected short films are: Black Cake (Černý dort) by Johana Švarcová, The Collision (Nehoda) by Šimon Štefanides (both shown in the Student programme), The End (3. poločas) by Jiří Volek and Who's Who In Mycology (Kdo je kdo v mykologiiby Marie Dvořáková (both in the programme Euroshorts).

As the Czech Republic is the Friend Country of this year’s Pula Film Festival, the Croatian Audiovisual Centre and Pula Film Festival are organising a Round table (Friday 21th July) to present how Czech cinematography works and to talk about good practices in co-productions, international promotion, exporting film services, and relationship towards cinematography heritage.
A round table will be held with the participation of Barbora Ligasová (Czech Film Center), Pavlína Žipková (Czech Film Commission), Kateřina Fojtová (National Film Archive) and Julietta Sichel (8Heads Productions).

At the festival will also take place a Panel discussion (Thursday 20th July) on the topic of promotion and distribution of Croatian and European film. To consider this very important issue from all sides, festival has guests from four European countries - the Czech Republic, Serbia, Italy and Croatia. A much more important topic, which this discussion will touch upon, is the question of changes on the market that have affected the approach to promotion and distribution channels, but also the question of changes that will happen in the future.
Participation from: Barbora Ligasova (Czech Film Centre), Dalibor Matanić (director, Croatia), Igor Saračević (editor, MAXTV Video Store, HT, Croatia), Sandra Perović (RTS, Serbia), Anđela Petković (Dexin Film, Serbia) and Barbara Jukopila (U svom filmu, Croatia).

The Czech Republic is a long-time partner of Croatian cinematography. Studies at the prestigious Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) have marked a part of the generation of filmmakers from Croatia and Serbia, who have filmed some of their best films in the 1970s and 1980s. Film festivals in Karlovy Vary and Jihlava are important platforms for the promotion of Croatian feature and documentary films, and cooperation has also continued in the last several years with international co-productions on films such as Ministry of Love and The Constitution.

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