Co-produce with Czech Republic

Co-produce with Czech Republic

Still from minority co-production Green Border by Agnieszka Holland (Venice IFF 2023)

Co-produce with Czech Republic

Still from minority co-production Green Border by Agnieszka Holland (Venice IFF 2023)


The Czech Film Fund supports all stages of film production, as well as promotion, distribution and other film-related areas. The Fund also administers production incentives for audiovisual projects made in the Czech Republic.

Minority co-productions

  • Annual budget: EUR 1,6 million (CZK 40 million)
  • Type of support: Selective scheme
  • Two application deadlines per year (next call announced in July 2023)

What we support:

  • Theatrical fiction, animated and documentary films
  • Features and shorts
  • Films at least partially produced in the Czech Republic using Czech goods and services
  • Films involving a Czech producer as a supplier of Czech creative elements or as a minority co-producer (contributing the required minority funds)

Aspects that the Fund Council takes into consideration when evaluating the projects:

  • Overall artistic quality of the film and its international appeal
  • Czech artistic and technical participation
  • Czech elements or use of Czech locations and settings
  • Existing or potential long-term cooperation between the producers
  • Cinema distribution or broadcasting in the Czech Republic

Conditions of support:

  • 50% of the grant must be spent on Czech services, cast and crew (with exceptions for culturally ambitious projects)
  • The Czech share must amount to at least 10% of production costs, including a possible Czech share from Eurimages, or 5% when based on European Convention on Cinematographic Co-Production
  • The total amount of public funding for the entire project should not exceed 60% of the total budget (for European co-productions) or 50% in other cases (with exceptions for culturally ambitious projects)
  • All funding is non-recoupable
  • Payment in 2 instalments: 60% after having secured a substantial part of the financing, 40% after completion of shooting

How to apply

  • Call announced in March and July 2023
  • Application deadline 30 days from call announcement
  • Funding results 3 months after application deadline

List of supported projects 2014-2023 (as of September, 2023)


Markéta Šantrochová
Head of Czech Film Center
+420 724 329 948

Monika Bartošová
Fund Council Secretary
+420 773 738 853

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