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Our activities

Our activities


The Czech Film Center was established to represent, market and promote Czech cinema and film industry and to increase the awareness of Czech film worldwide. CFC is the national partner of important international film festivals and co-production platforms, taking active part in selection and presentation of Czech films and projects. It provides tailor-made consulting, initiates and co-organizes numerous pitching forums and workshops, prepares specialized publications, and networks on international level.

The Czech Film Center (CFC) was established in 2002 with the goal to systematically profile contemporary Czech cinema, mainly abroad. Nowadays, CFC fulfils many various tasks connected with Czech film: It is the official representative of Czech cinema and film industry abroad and the partner of major international film festivals, markets and co-production platforms, actively participating in selection process and presentation of Czech films and film projects.

CFC works closely with producers on film development and release strategies. For promising projects, CFC organizes specialized pitching events and cooperates with international experts and trainers to help filmmakers develop their film stories. 

CFC is an important source of up-to-date information about Czech cinema, new legislation in the field and funding possibilities in the Czech Republic. CFC owns and maintains unique know-how and contacts, mediates connections between Czech and foreign film industry, actively creating networking opportunities for film professionals. The rich publishing activity includes unique regular and occasional publications featuring new films, interesting filmmakers and current topics on the Czech film scene.

CFC initiates numerous promotional events and showcases abroad and cooperates with all important institutions connected with film. Since 2002, CFC is a member of European Film Promotion, participating at its numerous international activities.

Czech Film Center
division of the Czech Film Fund promoting Czech cinema worldwide

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