Here at the Czech Film Center, we provide a wide range of consulting activities. Czech producers are usually interested in discussing the international festival and distribution strategies for their finalized films or suitable development and training programs for their projects. Very often, they are also looking for advice concerning possible co-production partners, and participation at co-production markets and presentation forums. In all these cases, they can turn to us.

Other activities

  • We regularly update the calendar of all the major film festivals and film markets (in Czech only).
  • We also prepare the database of upcoming and finished Czech films.
  • We consult Czech film projects in development.
  • We consult with training programs.
  • We provide statistical data regarding Czech film.
  • We provide information on how to make films in (or how to coproduce with) the Czech Republic to foreign film representatives.
  • As members of European Film Promotion, a network of film institutions from 37 European countries, which supports European cinema and professionals in strengthening their current market presence, we actively participate on several ongoing projects.
  • We cooperate with Dok.inkubator, Institute of Documentary Film, MIDPOINT Intstitute and other Czech film institutions.

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