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Animated films

Animated films


From the times of Karel Zeman, Jiří Trnka and Břetislav Pojar to recent films such as Tony, Shelly, and the Magic Light or Even Mice Belong in Heaven, Czech animation forms a highly regarded branch of Czech film production. Because of that, we has been systematically and intensively promoting Czech animation for many years, especially at major foreign and domestic film festivals and markets. We regularly represent Czech animation at the MIFA market held during the Annecy Film Festival in France. We closely collaborate with the CEE Animation and APA (Audiovisual Producers' Association). Since its launch in 2023, we have been offering a comprehensive overview of all the Czech-produced animated films in various stages of development in the Upcoming Projects database. We also publish the CZECH FILM magazine, containing many interesting articles about Czech animated films.

What we do

  • Our aim is to draw the attention of foreign film professionals to interesting filmmakers and to help Czech animated films find their way to the international film market.
  • ​As in the case of feature films and documentaries, we consult Czech animated films with foreign festivals long before their actual launch.
  • We cooperate closely with the programming departments of foreign and Czech film festivals all year round, informing them about current Czech productions and recommending Czech animated films for the festival programme.
  • We provide previews or full animated films for consideration, and connect festivals with domestic film professionals to facilitate communication.
  • During the course of the festivals, we help present Czech animation to foreign film professionals.
  • We help Czech animators and producers to come up with the optimal festival strategies.
  • We provide basic PR services, including the monitoring of the participation of Czech films or talents abroad and informing the press and general public about their notable successes via newsletters and social media.
  • We collect and process information regarding Czech animated films, including their foreign and domestic release dates.
  • On a daily basis, we update the Upcoming Projects database, a comprehensive source of information about the upcoming Czech films. The database replaced the Czech Animation catalogue, published annually in the past.
  • We also curate the database of finished animated films.
  • We publish the CZECH FILM magazine three times a year, which contains many interesting articles about Czech film, including the animated film production.


We have been more intensively involved in the domain of animation since 2014, when we first presented Czech film at the MIFA film market in Annecy. MIFA is a specialized market focused on animation, the world’s biggest animation market. Like other markets, it consists of exhibition areas where individual studios, national institutions, and regional funds with their animation support programs are presented. The market comprises a variety of accompanying activities – conferences, co-production meetings, MIFA Pitches (presentations of animation projects in development), and other thematic presentations. Organized in conjunction with the Annecy International Animation Film Festival, MIFA offers an opportunity to network with 3,000 animation industry professionals and to present content to more than 400 buyers and distributors, and more than 600 exhibitors from more than 70 countries.

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