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Pat and Mat: Handymen's Adventures
Pat and Mat: Handymen's Adventures

Marek Beneš

Pat and Mat are arriving to the cinemas in a brand new series of episodes. What kind of trap will they prepare for the thief who is stealing their apples and what kind of a new carwashwill they build for their car? Making pancakes in a usual way is boring so they will invent a special way. No challenge is big enough and no problem is an obstacle for our two handymen. Don’t try it at home.


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Espen Sandberg

How could Roald Amundsen, an unknown man from impoverished Norway, become the greatest polar explorer the world has ever seen? The answer is not just found in one single expedition, but in a dramatic and epic film about the life of a remarkable and fascinating man.


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Article by Martin Kudláč for CZECH FILM magazine / Fall 2019


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