Czech Film Fund supported minority co-productions

10 October 2019

Film Industry

Czech Film Fund supported minority co-productions

Film Industry

Czech Film Fund supported minority co-productions


Czech Film Fund announced support for minority co-productions with the amount of CZK 20 million (EUR 784 314). Producers of 10 projects, which succeeded in this call, are capable to build strong ties with partners from Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Great Britain and many other countries.

The highest amount CZK 4 million (EUR 156 863) was granted to Alma and Oscar. Austrian-German-Swiss-Czech historical drama tells a story of a wild love between Alma Mahler, the widow of the composer Gustav Mahler, and the expressionist painter Oskar Kokoshka. The film is another co-operation between Czech production company Dawson Films (Monika Kristlová) and the Austrian Novotny & Novotny Filmproduktion after their previous work on Codename Holec (2016).

Polish-Dutch-Czech Stillborn is produced by moloko film on the Czech side and directed by Olga Chajdas, whose debut, Nina (2017), was screened at Rotterdam IFF 2018. The post-punk drama takes place in the 1980s, it captures the specific atmosphere of three Polish cities (Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot) and the life of people with borderline personality disorder who lived there.

Two dramas in which characters cope with death were supported in this call. Dry Land, Polish-Italian-French-Czech (Jordi Niubo from i/o post) debut feature of Agnieszka Woszcyńska, tells a story of what happens to a married couple who witness a death of man. Jaro Vojtek’s Anesthesia, which is Slovak-Czech co-production (Kamila Zlatušková from Telepunk), deals with death from a doctor’s perspective.

While Gyula Nemes prepares a Central European variation on Marquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, his Hungarian-Slovak-Czech drama Cloud Hunters (Blouznivci) is produced by Radim Procházka from Kuli Film on the Czech side, Katarina Launing will use European traditions and folklore to create Norwegian-Dutch-Czech christmas fairy tale, co-produced by Pavel Berčík from Evolution Films. Dragon Princess (Dračí princezna) tells a story of an orphan, Gina, who learns to trust people around her because she has to take care of a little dragon.

Another family film prepares director Agata Gorzadek. An animated short A Lost Book (Zapomenutá knížka) is Polish-Czech co-production (MAUR film on the Czech side), and tells a story of a young boy Toni who repairs things thrown into a container and tries to make them useful again. The film is a part of international series Of Unwanted Things and People.

The Council also supported minority co-productions of documentary films. Another episode of the iconic comedian duo The Yes Men, The Yes Men Build a Wall, is focused on the meaning of building walls between people. Jan Tenhaven’s performative film is being prepared by Germany in co-operation with Canada and Czech co-producer Filip Remunda from Hypermarket Film. British-Slovak-Czech documentary One More Question follows the Roma families who left the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the 1990s, with prospect of a better life, and now they are living in a large community in the UK. The observational film by Mira Erdevički-Charap is produced by Krutart on the Czech side.

Croatia, in co-operation with Serbia and Czech nutprodukce, prepares Museum of the Revolution. Srdan Keča’s documentary pays attention to one of the most ambitious projects of socialist Yugoslavia, a monumental Museum which was never finished and now hosts homeless people.

Full list of supported projects:

A Lost Book (Zapomenutá knížka) | EUR 800 000
MAUR film

Alma and Oscar (Alma a Oscar) | EUR 4 million
Dawson Films

Anesthesia (Anestezie) | EUR 2,6 million

Cloud Hunters (Blouznivci) | EUR 2,6 million
Kuli Film

Dragon Princess (Dračí princezna) | EUR 2,6 million
Evolution Films

Dry Land | EUR 2 million
i/o post

Museum of the Revolution (Muzeum revoluce)| EUR 300 000

One More Question | EUR 700 000

Stillborn (Stále nestálá) | EUR 2,8 million
moloko film

The Yes Men Build a Wall (Yesmeni staví zeď) | EUR 1,6 million
Hypermarket Film

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