Features by Ivan Zachariáš, 3 debut directors were granted the support for production

13 February 2020

Film Industry

Features by Ivan Zachariáš, 3 debut directors were granted the support for production

Film Industry

Features by Ivan Zachariáš, 3 debut directors were granted the support for production


From the total amount of 21 projects that applied for support in the call for the production of fiction features, 10 projects were granted altogether CZK 64 million (EUR 2 560 000). The highest amount EUR 440 000 received Vojtěch Mašek’s debut Arved.

The debut director Vojtěch Mašek prepares along with his co-writer Jan Poláček a mysterious drama, Arved. In this feature, Mašek tells a story of a genius who is sentenced to life imprisonment for collaboration with the totalitarian regime and who uses his extraordinary memory to denounce old friends, and summon the Devil. In the development stage, Arved received altogether CZK 950 000 (EUR 38 000), for production, the film produced by Tomáš Michálek and Kristýna Michálek Květová (Cinémotif Films) was granted CZK 11 000 000 (EUR 440 000).

In this call, the Council supported two films in which kids or teenagers play the main roles. The End of the World by Ivan Zachariáš (Sleepers – Toronto IFF 2019, Wasteland – Toronto IFF 2016) tells a story placed in Czechoslovakia 1968, in which a young sickly boy spends summer holidays at his grandpa's, apart from the emotional August events. The film, written by Ivan Arsenjev and produced by Martin Růžička and Jindřich Motýl (LUMINAR film), received CZK 9,5 Million (EUR 380 000).

The other child-hero film supported in this call is ‘Merican Chick. In this social drama, a young girl, Ema, fights the system while trying to get to America through an orphanage, foster care and a borstal. The film, directed by Viktor Tauš, written by David Jařab and produced by the director himself and Pavla Klimešová (HEAVEN’S GATE), was granted CZK 8 Million (EUR 320 000).

Several films supported in this call focus on political themes: an action war drama 1919, political thriller Three Weeks Under the Sea and Maidservant. Tomáš Hoffman’s ambitious Czech-Slovak-Finish-Lithuanian film 1919 (previously Jižní hlídka), set in Siberia after the WWI, is produced by the director himself (Infinity Prague) and it was granted CZK 8 Million (EUR 320 000).

Martin Kuba prepares his debut Three Weeks Under the Sea with co-writer Marek Grajciar and producer Miloš Lochman (moloko film). The film was supported with the amount of CZK 5,5 Million (EUR 220 000) and tells a story of Russian young man Misha who deals with a past of his dead father, former military attaché in Czechoslovakia.

A historical drama Maidservant focus on love between two teenage girls in a male dominated world of the World War I. Slovak-Czech-Mexican film, directed by Mariana Čengel Solčanská and produced by Viktor Schwarcz (Cineart TV Prague) on the Czech side, was granted CZK 4 Million (EUR 160 000).

One psychological thriller reached the support in this call. Sunburn thematizes coexistence of two completely different families under one roof by the sea. Štěpán FOK Vodrážka’s debut is produced by Vratislav Šlajer from Bionaut and it was supported with CZK 4,5 Million (EUR 180 000).

The support for production also received Andy Fehu for his new horror-comedy The Bloody Bride. The protagonists, renowned youtubers Martin and Simon, become witnesses of a car crash with a mysterious cause. The film is produced by Jakub Ševčík (Snake Catcher), who also co-worked on Fehu's debut The Greedy Tiffany, and it was granted CZK 5,5 Million (EUR 220 000).

Jiří Strach was granted CZK 6 Million (EUR 240 000) to shoot a classic Czech fairy-tale Long, Stout and Sharp-eyes, which is written by Marek Epstein (Charlatan, In the Shadow) and produced by Přemysl Pražský from Luxor in co-production with PubRes (SK).

Last but not least, Vladimír Morávek (Bored In Brno) received CZK 2 Million (EUR 80 000) for the production of Czech-Ukrainian-Slovak Nikola Suhaj, a film lyric based on the famous Czech stage musical A Ballad for a Bandit, which is produced by Petr Minařík, Pavel Řehořík, Mátyás Prikler and Zora Jaurová.

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