Czech film in development: second half of 2020

08 January 2021

Film Industry

Czech film in development: second half of 2020

Film Industry

Czech film in development: second half of 2020


In the past few months, the Czech Film Fund supported development of tv series and Czech projects, and film professionals have been selected to participate at various industry events. Here is a summary of what is important to know.

In December, the Czech Film Fund decided the first ever development support for animated episodic content – among four TV series was distributed the total amount of CZK 4,29 million (EUR 165 000). The highest amount received ORF. A fantasy adventure for children, which is directed by Jan Cechl, written by Eva Prchalová and produced by Kuli Film, was granted CZK 1,2 million (EUR 46 150).

The Little Odyssey is a project of Jakub Kouřil who creates the series based on his graduation film The Little Cousteau (Magnesia Award for Best Student Film in 2013). The series, produced by Paprika Studios, received CZK 1,1 million (EUR 42 300).

While Seniors, a socially-critical series created by Ekaterina Besson and produced by Vernes, received CZK 1 million (EUR 38 460), a fairy-tale Dinofables was supported with CZK 990 000 (EUR 38 000). Martina Svojdíková’s stories of the origin of life are produced by Krutart.

Les Arcs Industry Village

Olmo Omerzu (Family Film, Winter Flies) will present his upcoming film The Bird Atlas in Works in Progress during the online edition of the Les Arcs Industry Village (January 20-21, 2021). A family drama is Czech-Slovenian-Slovak-French co-production with Jiří Konečný of endorfilm being the main producer. The Bird Atlas was supported by the Czech Film Fund in both development and production stages with CZK 11,7 million (EUR 450 000).

In the selection also appears Juraj Lehotský’s Slovak-Polish-Czech social drama about unrecognized musician, Applause, which is co-produced by Black Balance on the Czech side. The film was lately supported by the Czech Film Fund in the call for minority co-productions with CZK 3 million (EUR 115 400). In addition, as a juror of the Eurimages and TitraFilm awards, Karel Och (Artistic Director of the Karlovy Vary IFF) takes part in the event.

In November, Les Arcs also unveiled participants of this year’s Co-production Village. Michal Hogenauer is part of the selection with his brand-new film The Last One Turns Off the Light. A drama about neighborhood relations is produced by Marek Novák of Xova Film and was supported by the Czech Film Fund last September in the Extraordinary call for development of audiovisual works with CZK 750 000 (EUR 28 800). Michal Hogenauer previously participated in Les Arcs Works in Progress with his debut feature A Certain Kind of Silence.

When East Meets West – Trieste Film Festival

Two promising Czech projects have been selected for the first half of the First Cut+ programme held online during the upcoming When East Meets West (January 24-28, 2021) at the Trieste Film Festival. Celebrated auteur Petr Vaclav will participate at the event with his long-awaited project Il Boemo. A story of the 18th century composer, set in Venice and other Italian cities, Vaclav has been developing more than 10 years. The film was supported in the various stages by the Czech Film Fund altogether with CZK 23,7 million (EUR 912 000).

Slovak-Czech-Ukrainian film Censor has also been selected to participate in the programme. A story of a Ukrainian woman who is sentenced for killing her unfaithful husband is directed by Peter Kerekes and co-produced by Jiří Konečný on the Czech side. The project was supported by the Czech Film Fund with CZK 3,4 million (EUR 131 000).

Torino Film Lab

Czech-Slovak co-operation, Caravan, was awarded 2 prizes within the Feature Lab’s Production Awards at the Torino Film Lab Meeting Event in November. The film directed by Zuzana Kirchnerová and produced by Pavla Janoušková Kubečková of nutprodukce received the Production Grant (EUR 40 000) and also the Green Filming Award (EUR 2 000) for working in environmentally friendly way. A story of a woman in a difficult life situation was supported by the Czech Film Fund for development with CZK 320 000 (EUR 12 300).

Eurimages Fund

Among the 18 co-production fiction features and 11 documentaries supported by the Eurimages Fund in October, were 4 Czech films and minority co-productions. Czech-Italian Brotherhood, a documentary directed by Francesco Montagner and produced by Pavla Janoušková Kubečková of nutprodukce, received EUR 36 000. Czech-German-Slovak Brothers, a drama directed by Tomáš Mašín and produced by Petr Bílek of Film Brigade, was granted EUR 370 000. Ukrainian-Czech-Croatian Spas, war drama directed by Maksym Nakonechnyi and co-produced by Dagmar Sedláčková of MasterFilm on the Czech side, was supported with EUR 125 000. Slovak-Czech The Chambermaid, a historical drama directed by Mariana Čengel Solčanská and co-produced by Viktor Schwarcz of Cineart TV Prague on the Czech side, received EUR 120 000.

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