Czech Film Fund supported seven documentaries in production

15 February 2021

Film Industry

Czech Film Fund supported seven documentaries in production

Film Industry

Czech Film Fund supported seven documentaries in production


The Council of the Fund has received only 10 applications in this call. We can observe a descending tendency here as there were 17 and 24 projects applying in the previous calls for production support. The shooting becomes increasingly complicated due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the Council, which decided to grant support to 7 projects, distributed only CZK 11 150 000 (EUR 428 846) out of CZK 12 million (EUR 461 538) allocated in this call. Three supported projects are directed by women.

The highest support of CZK 2 million (EUR 76 923) was granted to a time-lapse documentary called PSO (states for Police Symphony Orchestra) by first-time director Dominik Kalivoda, about a 65-member amateur choir dedicated not only to music, but also to helping others. The project is produced by Michal Kráčmer from Analog Vision and was supported in development stage as well.

The trending topic among the applications was a portrait of a significant figure of Czech or global society. Greta Stocklassa, who successfully debuted with Kiruna – A Brand New World in 2019, is preparing her second feature film Blix, focused on a controversial Swedish politician Hans Blix, who played his part in the invasion to Iraq in 2003 which he later criticized. The project prepared under the roof of Radovan Síbrt’s PINK was presented in January at FIPADOC’s International Co-production Forum and has received support of CZK 1,9 million (EUR 73 077).

Director Petr Jančárek works on a documentary about the last three years of life of dramatic and former Czech president Václav Havel. This is Havel Speaking, Can You Hear Me?, produced by Jiří Konečný from endorfilm, adds a fresh perspective on personality of Václav Havel and was supported by CZK 1,45 million (EUR 55 769).  Another portrait Martina, directed by Jarmila Štuková and produced by Maja Hamplová from Barletta, is about a young woman whose former partner intentionally poured acid onto her face and body. Martina had to find a new way of living and a new meaning in life. The film follows her struggle to live a full life and overcome the traditional understanding of beauty in today’s society. Czech Film Fund supported the project by CZK 1 million (EUR 38 462).

I Am Not Everything I Want to Be, a story of a Czech photographer Libuše Jarcovjáková directed by Klára Tasovská (Nothing Like Before), is an intimate portrait dealing with ageing, gender, everyday struggles and identity exploration. The project was supported by CZK 1,7 million (EUR 65 385) and is produced by Somatic Films in co-production with Slovak nutprodukcia and Czech Television. 

Czech Film Fund supported also a historical documentary Winged Lions: Serving the King of England about two Czech fighter pilots in service of British army during the WWII. The project, produced by Gordon Lovitt from NOW Productions and co-produced by Slovak Artichoke, is directed by Tomáš Bojar (FC Roma, Off Sides) and has received the amount of CZK 1,6 million (EUR 61 538). Last but not least, the Council of the Fund granted the support of CZK 1,5 million (EUR 57 692) to an art documentary 15x15x15 Minisalon by Jan Růžička and produced by Nomad Films.

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