Czech Film Fund supported production of experimental films and scriptwriters

12 November 2021

Film Industry

Czech Film Fund supported production of experimental films and scriptwriters

Film Industry

Czech Film Fund supported production of experimental films and scriptwriters


At the end of October, the Czech Film Fund decided about support for experimental films and development of early scripts. From the total amount of 14 applications, the Council supported 4 experimental Czech projects in the stage of production altogether with EUR 77 000, and projects of 23 scriptwriters, including works of several successful young authors, altogether with EUR 133 000.

Production of experimental films

Visual artist Tomáš Svoboda will transform the film into the gallery spaces in his new project Kinestopia. The Council of the Czech Film Fund supported the project produced by Jordi Niubó of i/o post with the highest amount in this call, EUR 21 000.

The same amount received The Law of Time (Zákon času), which is a joint project of director Adéla Babanová and production company Marina Films. Babanová’s 25-minutes-long film will focus on memories, historical memoirs and the history itself, with music being a significant component of her work.

Visual artist Marie Lukáčová will also use music as her main tool in the creation of Orla. In production of CLAW AV, the director will address serious social issues through 2D and 2D animation and in the form of a music video clip. The Czech Film Fund supported Orla with the amount of EUR 19 000.

Dark themes will be touched upon in the upcoming film Satan Among Us (Satan mezi námi) with the support of EUR 15 000 by the CFF. Director and producer Martin Ježek will work with found footage materials in his feature film and deal with the theme of evil in man.

Development of early scripts

The Council of the Czech film Fund received 80 applications, of which it decided to support the development of 23 scripts, each with the support of approx. EUR 6 000.

Beata Parkanová (Moments), who currently puts finishing touches to her second feature The Word, received support for a new script for a rom com about a female florist with revived flowers. Ondřej Erban works on a script for the feature version of his successful student film One Hundred and Twenty-Eight Thousand (Cannes’ Cinéfondation 2019) about people falling into a debt trap. Rising star of Czech animation Diana Cam Van Nguyen (Love, Dad) will in her fiction feature debut focus on hardships of young raped girl. Tomáš Pavlíček (Bear with Us) will focus on his childhood years spent in the Boy Scouts and Ondřej Provazník (Old-Timers) will go even further back in time as he will follow a group of students to the site where a prehistoric hunter died. Furthermore, Barbora Námerová, the scriptwriter of Filthy (2017) and upcoming The Nightsiren (2022), will in her new project focus on young ballet dancers and the ballet scene in the Czech Republic 1990s.

Tomáš Bojar, Štěpánka Ansorge, Petra Soukupová, David Semler, Adam Skala, Lenka Karaka, Jakub Felcman or Sára Venclovská will also write their new scripts with the support of the Czech Film Fund.

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