Funding News: Fall 2021

10 December 2021

Film Industry

Funding News: Fall 2021

Film Industry

Funding News: Fall 2021


In December, the Czech Film Fund revealed the results of the support for development of animated series. The Council has not spent the full amount (EUR 77 000) allocated in this call and divided only EUR 52 000 between two projects. Furthermore, the Board of the Management of the Eurimages Fund supported 4 Czech co-production projects.

In the last development call of the year 2021, the Czech Film Fund supported two animated series projects, which both earned international recognition in the past months.

Veggierado, a project written, directed and animated by Jan Bubeníček (co-creator of Even Mice Belong in Heaven), received EUR 27 000 in this call. Both 2D and 3D series, set somewhere in the wildest wild and south-westernmost South-West, is produced by Vladimír Lhoták of Hausboot, who is also main producer of Even Mice Belong in Heaven.

The other project supported in this call is Happily Never After (EUR 23 000). Animated series, which is a co-operation of directing duo Gabriela Hloz and Alžběta Göbelová with producer Mária Môťovská of Helium Film, is a stop-motion mockumentary which provides an insight into nowadays' lives and troubles of mythical creatures from the old fairy tales.

Four Czech projects were granted the Eurimages support

The Board of the Management of the Eurimages Fund decided to support agreed to support a group of minority co-productions, and 4 Czech films and co-productions appear among the supported projects.

The debut feature by Zuzana Kirchnerová, Caravan, received the amount of EUR 250 000. Family drama, which is a Czech-Italian-Slovak co-production with Dagmar Sedláčková of MasterFilm being the main producer, with Tempesta (IT), nutprodukcia (SK) and Czech Television also on board.

Eurimages also supported Czech-Slovak documentary Jan Mancuska: You Will Never See It All, which is directed by Štěpán Pech and produced by Marek Dusil of Mannschaft in co-production with filmsomnia (SK). The film about the acclaimed artist Jan Mancuska who died of deadly illness at the height of his career, was granted EUR 30 000.

The diversity of Czech projects supported in this call is complemented by animated feature Of Unwanted Things and People. Long-awaited family film which is made as puppet adaptation of modern fairy-tales by Arnošt Goldflam, is directed by David Súkup, Jean-Claude Rozec, Leon Vidmar, Martin Smatana and Patrik Pašš. The co-production of Czech Republic (Martin Vandas & Alena Vandasová of MAUR film), Slovak Republic, Slovenia and France received EUR 380 000.

Last nut not least, Slovak-Czech psychological drama Emma and the Death's Head was supported with EUR 330 000. Iveta Grófová's film is produced by Zuzana Mistríková of PubRes and co-produced by Total HelpArt T.H.A. on the Czech side.

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