Shooting in Czech Republic

Shooting in Czech Republic


1. Covid-19 prevention

The situation regarding COVID-19 is shaping up very favorably in the Czech Republic. Basic safety recommendations for preproduction and production of audiovisual works as well as self-regulatory measures that would reduce the risk of the spread of the virus during the cross-border transport of foreign members of film crews and actors can be found on the Czech Film Commission website.  

2. production incentives

You can apply for the incentives for feature, animated, documentary, and TV films and series including animated series all year long in the Czech Republic. There is a 20% rebate on qualifying Czech costs and a 66% rebate on withholding tax paid in the Czech Republic by international cast and crew. Minimum expenditure levels and a simple cultural test are required. See here for more information.

3. creative minds & superb crews

Why do international producers come back to the Czech Republic on regular basis? Simply because the Czech creative crews are the best. They run the departments, find unseen locations, build perfect set stages, make props, sew costumes, operate cameras, and roll sound for the biggest Hollywood TV shows and European co-productions. Learn more about the Czech service providers who can make all this come true for you! 

4. variety of locations

Eleven centuries of architecture, castles, chateaux, mountains, lakes, towns, villages, countryside, industrial architecture, modern and postmodern villas, underground… Any storyline can be filmed here, from ancient prehistory to far in the future. Our cities can double for Paris, London or nearly any other European city. Did we mention there are four distinctive seasons in the Czech Republic? 

5. regional film offices  

The Czech Republic is small enough for you to get out of Prague. Eleven regional film offices are here to assist you. They know the best of their local environments and have the right contacts and information, which makes it easier for you to shoot in their region. 

6. regional film funds

In addition to production incentives, there are regional film funds to support your budget when you decide to move part of your filming to the regions

7. film infrastructure

We are ready for filming! Soundstages, backlots, post-production facilities, high-end industry technologies, recording, traditional and computer animation studios, and much more. You can make your entire film - from the script to the screen - in the Czech Republic. And using the latest remote technology you don’t even have to leave your living room. 

8. history in a nutshell

The first movie was shot here in 1896. The first Czech film director and cinematographer was Jan Kříženecký, who began filming short documentaries in Prague in 1898. The first permanent cinema was founded by Viktor Ponrepo in 1907 in Prague and the film studios were established in 1931. Thanks to many international productions who have chosen the Czech Republic as a film set over the decades, we have well-trained film professionals and well-equipped film facilities here to help you to fulfill your filmmaking dreams.

9. a fun place to film

Filming in the heart of Europe gives you the perfect opportunity to explore the area. Wander the Czech Republic during your days off. Pay a visit to numerous museums and galleries, enjoy classical music concerts, visit one of the 250 theatres, have dinner in luxurious restaurants, enjoy nature and nightlife. Prague is also easily accessible by plane from other European cities. 

10. the best film commission :)

Our experience with filmmaking makes us true professionals here at the film commission. We know what you need and we’re ready to help you find the right location, connect you to local providers, consult conditions and options for filming in the Czech Republic, and give you more insight on the incentive scheme. We speak filmmaking

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