Daria Kashcheeva

Czech Republic

Daria Kashcheeva

Director, Writer, Animator, Costumes, Set Designer, DoP, Sound

Daria Kashcheeva studies animated film at FAMU in Prague. Her students films featured at many international festivals. Daria's original To Accept won the Nespresso Talents 2017 Competition in Cannes. In Daughter, her Bachelor's puppet animation, Daria experimented with camera motion and explored the topic of father-daughter relationship. The film won the major prize at the world’s biggest animation film festival in Annecy, the student Oscar and it was also invited to dozens of festivals all over the world, including Toronto IFF, Sundance IFF, Melbourne IFF or Tallinn BNFF. As the first Czech film since 2004, Daughter was nominated for an Oscar in the category for animated shorts.



2019, Animation
Director, Writer, DoP, Sound, Costumes, Set Designer, Animator

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