Czech Film Fund at Berlinale 2024

Czech Film Fund at Berlinale 2024

Czech Film Fund at Berlinale 2024

The official selection of 74th Berlin International Film Festival (February 15–25 2024) includes brand new documentary by Klára Tasovská I'm Not Everything I Want To Be about famous Czech photographer Libuše Jarcovjáková along with co-production film The Editorial Office by Roman Bondarchuk. This year’s Berlinale Co-Production Market will feature Twist the Rabbit, the latest project by acclaimed director Mira Fornay, whilst a comedy series We’re on It, Comrades! by Matěj Chlupáček and Michal Samir will get it's time to shine during the Berlinale Series Market. Six titles – four features and two series – will be screened at the European Film Market. All selected/presented films are listed below.

The Czech Film Fund will be once again present at EFM through its divisions Czech Film Center and Czech Film Commission. Learn more about the possibilities of co-producing with the Czech Republic or promoting your film projects around the world at the CENTRAL EUROPEAN CINEMA stand #112 in Gropius Bau. Contacts below!

Films in the official selection

Panorama | World Premiere 

CZ, SK, AT 2024, 90 min, Documentary
dir. Klára Tasovská
prod. Klára Tasovská, Lukáš Kokeš – Somatic Films (CZ)
co-prod. Česká televize (CZ), Nutrodukcia (SK), ARTE, Mischief Films (AT)

Libuše takes a picture of her reflection in a mirror. It’s a situation that keeps repeating in her life for the last 50 years. She took raw photos in the late 70s in socialist Czechoslovakia, when she looked for people who've really touched life: visitors of semi-legal gay clubs, workers on night shifts, exotic Vietnamese and Cuban immigrants, flaneurs in the night streets of communist Prague. Nudity, sex, alcohol, but also boredom and the straitjacket of normalisation. She keeps a record of everyday struggle, identity exploration, corporeality, relationships, and emotions in her pics and journals until today. The evidence is tens of thousands of negatives, preserving the transformation of body and soul over decades. What is Libuše looking for beyond the mirror?

Feb 18 | 16:30 | Kino International
Feb 19 | 21:30 | Cubix 8
Feb 20 | 18:30 | Cubix 5
Feb 24 | 22:00 | Zoo Palast 2

Wouter Jansen – Square Eyes
+43 660 9805377

Kai Hermann – NOISE Film & TV
+49 1225 3450955


Forum | World Premiere

UA, DE, SK, CZ 2024, 126 min, Fiction
dir. Roman Bondarchuk
prod. Darya Bassel – Moon Man (UA), Dar’ya Averchenko – South Films (UA)
co-prod. Elemag Pictures (DE), SilverArt (SK), MasterFilm (CZ)

In the wild steppes of southern Ukraine, a young nature researcher named Yura is looking for an endangered species of groundhog but instead witnesses a crime. Eager to expose the truth, Yura takes his photo evidence to the local newspaper's editorial office. However, he quickly realizes that nobody there cares about pursuing justice. While a big war is looming over the horizon, Yura's naive worldview is splintering in a storm of fake news, rigged political elections, and mysterious cult rituals. On his quest, the hero is about to find out who he really is an endangered species of a good man or just a loser?

Feb 16 | 21:00 | Delphi Filmpalast 1
Feb 17 | 17:30 | City Kino Wedding
Feb 18 | 15:00 | Kino Betonhalle@silent green
Feb 22 | 18:30 | Kino Arsenal 1
Feb 25 | 20:15 | Delphi Filmpalast

Darya Bassel

The PR Factory
Barbara van Lombeek,
Marie-France Dupagne,

The Berlinale Co-Production Market

This year’s Berlinale Co-Production Market will feature Twist the Rabbit, the latest project in development by acclaimed director Mira Fornay. Known for her versatile storytelling, Fornay here reunites with prolific producer Viktor Schwarcz of Cineart TV Prague. Schwarcz produced Fornay’s three feature films, including her most formalistically radical work, Cook F**k Kill. The director’s most recent film, the children’s adventure She-Hero, was awarded the International Jury’s Generation Kplus Grand Prix at last year’s Berlinale.

Czech films at the EFM

CZ, SK 2023, 109 min | Fiction
dir. Pavel Soukup
prod. Vratislav Šlajer, Jakub Košťál – Bionaut (CZ), Milan Kuchynka – FAMEPLAY (CZ)
co-prod. Raketa (SK)

​Feb 16 | 16:00 | Virtual Cinema 7 (online screening)
Feb 18 | 18:20 | dffb-Kino
Feb 19 | 12:45 | CinemaxX 18

Fulko Kuidersma – SKOOP Media
EFM stand: Gropius Bau #189

CZ, DE, SK 2023, 135 min | Fiction
dir. Tomáš Mašín
prod. Petr Bílek – FilmBrigade (CZ)
co-prod. Česká televize (CZ), PubRes (SK), Rohfilm Productions (DE)

​Feb 18 | 16:50 | CinemaxX 12

Karoliina Dwyer – The Yellow Affair
EFM stand: Gropius Bau #161

Endless Summer Syndrome
CZ, FR 2023, 99 min | Fiction
dir. Kaveh Daneshmand
prod. Kaveh Daneshmand, Gem Deger – Libra Rising (CZ)
co-prod. i/o post (CZ), alief (FR)

Feb 16 |12:50 | Marriott 1

Brett Walker – alief
EFM stand: Gropius Bau #C2

CZ 2023, 55 min | Series
dir. Roman Kašparovský
prod. NOVA TV

Feb 19 | 12:00 | Virtual Cinema 
Feb 20 | 17:30 | Virtual Cinema

Anke Stoll – Keshet International

The Man Who Stood In The Way
CZ, UA, LT 2023, 120 min | Fiction
dir. Petr Nikolaev
prod. Miloslav Šmídmajer – Bio Illusion (CZ)
co-prod. Insight Media Producing Center (UA), Artbox (LT)

​Feb 16 | 16:50 | CinemaxX 17

Igor Princ – Princ Films
EFM stand: Gropius Bau #171

We're on It, Comrades!
CZ, DE 2024 | Series
dir. Matěj Chlupáček
prod. Matěj Chlupáček, Maja Hamplová – Barletta (CZ)
co-prod. NETWORK MOVIE (DE), Česká televize (CZ), ZDFneo (DE)

Feb 19 | 11:30 | CinemaxX 1
Feb 19 | 14:00 | Berlinale Series Market Selects

Florian Streit – ZDF Studios

Meet us at the EFM!

Do you have any pressing inquires about Czech cinema? The team of Czech Film Center, a promotional division of the Czech Film Fund, together with representatives from Czech Film Commision, will be present at the EFM.

Markéta Šantrochová, Head of CFC | 
Barbora Lochmanová, Festival Relations – Feature Films | 
Vítězslav Chovanec, Festival Relations – Docs & Shorts | 
Luděk Čertík, Editor & Communication | 
Pavlína Žipková, Head of Czech Film Commission
Jana Arora, Czech Film Commission |  

Book a meeting or stop by CENTRAL EUROPEAN CINEMA stand #112 in Gropius Bau.



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