Film about the Mašín brothers and seven other features received the production support

12 August 2019

Film Industry

Film about the Mašín brothers and seven other features received the production support

Film Industry

Film about the Mašín brothers and seven other features received the production support


The Czech Film Fund announced the support for production of fiction features. Eight of the total of 19 submitted projects succeeded and were granted altogether CZK 64 million (EUR 2 509 804). The Council was interested mostly in psychological or family dramas and historical features.

The highest support CZK 15 million (EUR 588 235) was granted to Tomáš Mašín’s (3 Season in Hell, 2009) historical drama Brothers which tells a story of director’s ancestors – the Mašín brothers. Controversial figures of Czechoslovak history, partly perceived as heroes, partly as criminals, shot through the border into West Berlin in 1953. The film, produced by Film Brigade, promises a thrilling and action storyline.

Two distinctive author projects directed by women were supported in this call. The Nightsiren, directed by critically acclaimed young director Tereza Nvotová (Filthy, 2017) and produced by moloko film, is Czech-Slovak co-production about the essence of a womanhood – the strength, courage and magic abilities. The project was granted the second highest amount in this call: CZK 10 million (EUR 392 157). The Word by Beata Parkanová (Moments, 2018) is an intimate family drama, which takes place during the revolutionary year 1968 when Czechoslovakia was hit by the Soviet occupation. The project is produced by love.Frame and received CZK 8,5 million (EUR 333 333).

Tomáš Weinreb and Petr Kazda, who scored big with their debut I, Olga Hepnarova (Panorama section at Berlinale, 2016), now received CZK 7 million (EUR 274 510) for the production of Czech-French-Slovak drama Nobody Likes Me (produced by Black Balance) which they presented at Berlinale Co-production Market 2018. The film follows a 19-year-old introvert woman who is fascinated by a mysterious man hiding a secret that is almost inhuman…

In this call, two family dramas, both also supported by the Czech Film Fund in the development stage, received funds for the production. While Petr Slavík’s Czech-Slovak Waltzing Matylda, produced by Nataša Slavíková, thematizes a relationship between emotionally flat son and his mother suffering from Alzheimer’s disease (CZK 8 million / EUR 313 725), Czech-Romanian-Slovenian I Don’t Like You Anymore by Zdeněk Jiráský (Flower Buds, 2011 – winner of 4 Czech Lions including Best Film and Best Director) is a drama, produced by i/o post, about two teenagers who run away from home – then their carelessness turns into a harsh reality. The project was supported with the amount of CZK 5 million (EUR 196 078).

Last but not least, two debut features were supported in this call. Miroslav Bambušek’s drama People of Blood (Lidi krve), produced by freeSaM, was granted CZK 7,5 million (EUR 294 118) and takes place in the present, but at the same time the film reflects events after the WW II in the Czechoslovak borderland. Emil Křížek’s Breaking Edge (Hrana zlomu), the thriller with elements of horror, is the first of many projects that production company Bionaut prepares with first-time directors. The film received CZK 3 million (EUR 117 647).

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