Docs by Miro Remo or Vít Klusák received the production support

17 July 2020

Film Industry

Docs by Miro Remo or Vít Klusák received the production support

Film Industry

Docs by Miro Remo or Vít Klusák received the production support


From the total amount of 17 projects that applied for support in the call for production of documentaries, 8 projects were granted altogether CZK 12 million (EUR 444 444). The Council was interested mainly in strong author projects or documentary portraits.

The highest amount CZK 1,7 million (EUR 62 963) received All Will Be Good (Všechno dobře dopadne) by Miroslav Janek (Normal Autistic Film, Olga, Citizen Havel). In his documentary essay, produced by Mimesis Film, the celebrated author observes the parallels between humans and bees.

A Big Nothing (Velké nic) – this is the name of the new project by Vít Klusák (Caught in the Net, Czech Dream), which the director prepares in co-operation with Marika Pecháčková. Authors note how Czech society is changing and evolving during the coronavirus times. The documentary produced by Klusák’s own Hypermarket Film was granted CZK 1,2 million (EUR 44 444).

On two specific ways of living, focus two upcoming documentaries of Filip Remunda and Miro Remo, respectively. In co-operation with his co-writer Aleš Palán, Miro Remo (Richard Müller: This Is Not Me) tells a story of people connected to the nature and the spiritual dimension of being. Better to Go Mad in the Wild is Czech-Slovak co-production between nutprodukce (Pavla Janoušková Kubečková) and nutprodukcia and it received CZK 1,5 million (EUR 55 556).

In Naked Relationships (Obnažené vztahy), Filip Remunda (producer of Caught in the Net, director of Czech Dream) observes complicated relationships in the family of a photographer who can’t cope with his daily duties. The film is supported with CZK 1,4 million (EUR 51 852).

Another three documentary portraits were supported in this call. On an intimate journey of children who try to get to know their deceased father, and at the same time a well-known painter, is focused Štěpán Pech in Jan Mančuška: Against Time. Mančuška’s portrait is produced by Marek Dusil from Mannschaft and it was supported with the amount of CZK 1,2 million (EUR 46 296).

While Olga Sommerová (Jiří Suchý - Tackling Life with Ease, Cervena) was granted CZK 1,3 million (EUR 8 148) for the preparation of a biography of popular Czech musician and politician Michael Kocáb (produced by Cienart TV Prague), Adam Sejka received the same amount to make a portrait of arguably the best current Czech TT racer. Full 6, produced by Václav Flegl (Sounderground) focuses on people willing to push motorcycle racing to the limits.

Last but not least, Fabio Ufheil received CZK 500 000 (EUR 18 519) to create a short experimental visual poem about “cruising”, an independent sexual encounter of homosexuals. Erosion is produced by Veronika Kührová from Analog Vision.

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