The Czech Film Fund supported debuts, experiments and scriptwriters

20 November 2020

Film Industry

The Czech Film Fund supported debuts, experiments and scriptwriters

Film Industry

The Czech Film Fund supported debuts, experiments and scriptwriters


The Czech Film Fund lately decided on two production calls and one call for early scripts. From the total amount of 7 projects that applied for support in the call for debut features, 3 projects were granted altogether CZK 7,5 million (EUR 300 000). Four projects from the total amount of 8 were supported with altogether CZK 1,8 million (EUR 70 000) in the call for production of experimental films. With the total amount of CZK 3,5 million (EUR 130 000), the Czech Film Fund also supported 24 authors in the call for the first version of the script.

The highest support among the debut features received Brutal Heat (Brutální vedro). Albert Hospodářský, a student of Documentary Film department at Prague’s FAMU, creates a road movie with elements of magical realism and sci-fi. The film produced by nutprodukce was granted EUR 154 000.

Punch and run (Ubal a zmiz), supported with EUR 77 000, is a Czech-Slovak variation on Guy Ritchie’s Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Director-scriptwriter Adam Hobzik prepares his black krimi comedy in production of Kamil Kožíšek’s Flamesite and in co-production with Slovak SOLID ENTERPRISE and Czech company Petarda Production.

The third supported project in this call is Jakub Machata’s Hotel. A romantic comedy set during one really chaotic and eccentric wedding is on the Czech side co-produced by DARQ Studio CZ, and it was granted EUR 65 000.

In the call for production of experimental films, Paterny was granted the highest amount, EUR 23 000. Director Jan Kulka, a graduate of Editing department at the FAMU, attracted the audience of Marienbad Film Festival 2017 with an experimental show called Forefather Projector. His new film is produced by MasterFilm’ Dagmar Sedláčková.

While Lea Petříková’s If I Ever Lose My Eyes, produced by Tomáš Pertold of Perfilm, received EUR 17 300, an experimental poem Three Economic Units (Tři ekonomické jednotky) directed by Andran Abramjan and produced by Frame Films, was granted EUR 19 200. In addition, animated Rehabilitation (Asanace) by director and established producer Radim Procházka of Kuli Film was supported with EUR 11 500.

Established auteurs as well as talented young guns received the support in the call for the first version of the script. Václav Kadrnka (Little Crusader), who is currently finishing his brand-new drama Saving One Who Was Dead, was granted EUR 5 770 for Horse Width.

The support also received Michal Hogenauer (A Certain Kind of Silence) for A Man, Needless. Hogenauer is currently developing a drama Last One Turns Off the Lights with which he takes part in the Les Arcs Coproduction Village. On their new scripts will also work Beata Parkanová (projects called Black Blood and Bears), Bohdan Karásek (a project called Master), Martin Dušek (a project called Remake) who were recently recognized by Czech film critics for their debuts Moments (Parkanová), Karel Me and You (Karásek), and Old-timers (Dušek).

Documentarists Rozálie Levá Kohoutová and Šimon Šafránek were also supported in this call. Kohoutová (Off Sides, FC Roma) is writing a script for the project Antonie Antonová, Šafránek (King Skate, Meky) is working on Cool Down (Zachlazení).

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