I Don't Love You Anymore to premiere at Warsaw IFF

14 September 2023

Czech Film

I Don't Love You Anymore to premiere at Warsaw IFF

Czech Film

I Don't Love You Anymore to premiere at Warsaw IFF


The latest feature film of Zdeněk Jiráský called I Don't Love You Anymore was selected for the International Competition of the upcoming 39th Warsaw International Film Festival, taking place 6 - 15 October, 2023. It will be the world premiere of the film. In addition, Photophobia by Ivan Ostrohovský and Pavol Pekarčík, recently awarded the Europa Cinemas Label at Giornate degli Autori, will be presented within the Documentary Competition and two animated films will be presented at Family Cinema Weekend - short Dede Is Dead by Philippe Kastner, introduced for the first time earlier this year at Berlinale, and feature Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light by Filip Pošivač, premiered in Annecy this year.

I Don't Love You Anymore, Zdeněk Jiráský's fourth feature film, tells a story of thirteen years old Marek, who shoots videos with social themes, making him an outsider among his classmates. At home, his peaceful relationship with his mother is disrupted by his mother's new acquaintance. In the most sensitive phase of his life, Tereza enters his path. Despite their social differences, they develop a liking for each other. Soon teenage games spiral out of control with a simulated kidnapping, culminating in a runaway from home. They board a train and a series of spontaneus adventures pursue until they get lost in a labyrinth of endless freedom. The attraction of desperation turns into the taste of loneliness and fear of the unknown and emotional outbursts begin to drown in the loss of illusions.

Zdeněk Jiráský is a Czech director, screenwriter and documentary filmmaker. Born in 1969 in Jičín, Czechoslovakia, he graduated in screenwriting and script editing from Prague's Film Academy (FAMU) in 2004. He has made many documentaries. His feature film debut Flower Buds, presented at Warsaw Film Festival in 2012, won Czech Lion awards for best film, best director, best cinematography and best leading male actor as well as awards at film festivals. I Don’t Love You Anymore, presented in Warsaw in the International Competition, is his latest feature film (2023), following In Silence (2014) and Kryštof (2021).

The film is a co-production between Jordi Niubó's Czech i/o post, Slovak Arina and Romanian Tangaj Production. The Czech Film Fund supported the film both at stages of development and production, altogether with EUR 228,800.

Photophobia, the latest directing effort of Ivan Ostrochovský and Pavol Pekarčík, landed a spot in the Documentary Competition. The film is a coproduction of Slovakia (Punkchart films with partizanfilm and RTVS), Czech Republic (Cinémotif Films and Czech Television) and Ukraine (Arthouse Traffic). The films was also supported by the Czech Film Fund with EUR 76,000. Photophobia was world premiered a few weeks ago in Venice, in the Giornate degli Autori side bar, winning there the Europa Cinemas Label. 

The film, shot last year in the first weeks of the war in Ukraine, tells a story 12-year-old Niki and his family, which arrive at the Kharkiv metro station to take shelter from the terrifying war raging outside. For Niki's family, daylight is synonymous with mortal danger, and the boy is not allowed to leave the station premises, living under the constant glow of their neon lights. While aimlessly wandering around the abandoned cars and full platforms, Niki meets Vika (11), and a new world opens up to him. As their bond strengthens, the children find the courage once again to feel the sun on their faces.

Moreover, two Czech animated films will be screened in Warsaw at Family Cinema Weekend section - Dede Is Dead and Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light. Short film Dede is Dead by FAMU student Philippe Kastner touches the topic of loss of beloved pet and overcoming the grief. The film was successfully launched at this year's Berlinale at Generation Kplus, where it received the Special Mention of the Children Jury. Feature film Tony, Shelly and the Magic Light, premiered and awarded in Annecy this year, tells a story of eleven-year-old Tony, who has a unique feature he was born with - he glows. His controlling parents try to keep him at home to protect him from the outside world. Before Christmas, a peculiar girl named Shelly moves into his house and turns his world upside down. 

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