Marché du Film

Marché du Film

Marché du Film


The Cannes Film Festival and the concurrent Marché du Film are the biggest film events in the world each year. Around 12,000 participants from approximately 5,000 film companies from all over the world regularly visit the market. This includes around 3,500 producers, 2,100 distributors and 1,300 retailers and 790 festival organisers. Around 100 film professionals regularly travel to Cannes from the Czech Republic. The Cannes IFF operates in a similar way to the Berlin market and consists of several components - the festival with its official and parallel sections, the Marché du Film market, market screenings, the Producer's Network co-production programme and other activities for film professionals. Cannes also hosts the international Producers on the Move project, on which we actively participate.

The Czech Film Center has been a regular part of the Marché du Film since 2004, when the first major presentation of Czech cinema abroad took place there. A joint presentation was made back then by three countries from Central Europe that had joined the European Union – the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.

During our regular presence at Marché du Film:

  • we share a pavilion with the Slovak Film Institute (since 2007 without Poland), which provides a functional environment for meetings, film screenings or the opportunity to hold a press conference, presentation or networking meeting.
  • we regularly organise various events there, most of them in cooperation with other Czech or foreign subjects, and provide facilities for all Czech and Slovak visitors.

The preparation and execution of our attendance at the Marché du Film involves a similar set of activities as our attendance in Berlin. These include, first of all, the organisation of the pavilion, arranging screenings at the film market, where the Czech Film Center, as an exhibitor, has better prices and the priority option of booking the best-located screening rooms, as well as activities during the market (answering questions, providing information, negotiating with representatives of the international film environment, etc.)

Prior to participation in the market:

  • we inform the Czech professional public about our activities and provide consultations to Czech professionals regarding their participation in Cannes (accreditation, accommodation, travel, presentation materials, meetings, screenings at the market and their arrangements, work with journalists, help with organizing the event)
  • we promote the overall Czech participation in the festival (films, events, people) and distribute information to foreign professionals and journalists.

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