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Toronto IFF

Toronto IFF


We have been actively participating in the Toronto Film Market since 2016. We exhibit at the European stand under the European Film Promotion banner. The Toronto IFF is a major festival, a gateway to the North American continent, offering filmmakers and institutions the opportunity to connect more closely with the American environment. More than 5,000 film professionals attend each year, including approximately 1,200 buyers, 700 distributors, 800 producers, 500 festival representatives and 350 sales agents.

At this important international film market, we first and foremost present Czech cinema. However, we succeed in linking other activities to the concurrently held IFF in Toronto, such as meetings with representatives of other film festivals and presentations of Czech filmmakers. Just like at other markets and festivals, we help Czech producers and filmmakers to arrange their participation in Toronto.

During the course of the market:

  •  we provide film professionals with information about current Czech productions, as well as contacts to film companies and filmmakers from the Czech film industry (productions, festivals, associations, etc.)
  • we answer questions about financing and conditions for international co-productions with the Czech Republic
  • we anegotiate with representatives of major international festivals and film or co-production markets, educational programmes, film funds, institutions and other existing and potential partners
  • together with European Film Promotion, we organize informal meetings of European and non-European professionals, where festival representatives, distributors, sales agents, film institutions, filmmakers and others are invited.

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