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Pitch & Feedback

Pitch & Feedback


Pitch & Feedback was the annual presentation of 6-7 selected Czech and Slovak feature film projects in development. Pitch & Feedback was organized by Czech Film Center, Slovak Film Institute and Karlovy Vary IFF (until 2017). 

The aim of Pitch & Feedback is to establish an effective networking and presentation platform for feature film projects with international potential. At the same time, it provides an extraordinary opportunity to view each selected project from multiple film industry angles.

During the presentation, the producers and directors introduce their projects in a 10-minute pitch to a team of invited experts and international audience. The experts - important representatives and decision makers from various areas of the international film industry (co-production market, film fund, film sales, film production, etc.) - directly give their valuable feedback and advice regarding both the project and its presentation. The experts are acquainted with the projects beforehand.

The advantage of this format, namely for young and inexperienced filmmakers, is that this all happens in a friendly and passionate environment, among people who are committed to support good cinema. For the audience, consisting of film industry festival guests, the event provides an excellent overview of the best current Czech and Slovak film projects and increases the chances for the upcoming films to be noticed by other film festivals, co-production markets or international sales agents.

The Pitch & Feedback event consists of 2 parts: public and individual. Public part of Pitch & Feedback 2017 will take place on Tuesday, July 4 from 10 am to 1 pm in the Industry Pool.

Read the article about this year Pitch & Feedback 2017 HERE.

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