Tereza Nvotová

Director , Cast , Writer , Story

Slovak director Tereza Nvotová, who studied documentary filmmaking at Prague’s FAMU, impressed Czech Film Critiques with her debut Filthy (2017), about young girl‘s revolt against the violator and liberation from the violence, for which she won Best Film and Newcomer of the Year awards. Her second feature, Nightsiren, about woman's revolt against a collective and a deeply-rooted tradition that shames and demonizes her, celebrated world premiere at the prestigious Cineasti del Presente Competition at Locarno Film Festival in 2022 and won the prestigious Golden Leopard for the best film.


10 Rules

2014, Cast


2017, Director, Writer, Story


2008, Cast

Mosquitoes' Tango

2009, Cast


2022, Director, Writer

Take It Jeasy!

2008, Director, Writer

The Lust for Power

2017, Director, Writer, Story

Trash on Mars

2018, Writer, Story, Cast

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