Czech Republic , Negativ

Petr Oukropec

Director , Producer , Writer , Film Contact


Dry Season

2024, Film Contact, Producer, Producer, Film contact


2023, Film Contact

My Sunny Maad

2021, Producer

Over the Hills

2019, Film Contact, Producer

National Street

2019, Producer

Let There Be Light

2019, Film Contact, Producer

A Certain Kind of Silence

2019, Film Contact, Producer

Ice Mother

2017, Producer

In Your Dreams!

2016, Director, Producer

Four Suns

2012, Producer

Blue Tiger

2012, Director, Producer, Writer


2009, Producer

Night Owls

2008, Producer

Ivetka and the Mountain

2008, Producer

A Country Teacher

2008, Producer

Situation of the Street

2003, Producer

Love from Above

2002, Producer

Return of the Idiot

1999, Producer


1996, Producer

Indian Summer

1995, Producer

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