Czech Film Fund supported production of seven fiction features

13 March 2023

Czech Film Film Industry

Czech Film Fund supported production of seven fiction features

Czech Film Film Industry

Czech Film Fund supported production of seven fiction features


Seven projects out of 24 applications were supported with the total of EUR 2 432 000 in the latest Czech Film Fund's call for the support of feature films' production. The highest support, a total of EUR 880 000, was granted to Franz by Oscar-nominated director Agniezska Holland.

Among the supported projects are three dramas, one biography, two films balancing between drama and comedy genre, and one audience-oriented comedy. Twp of the supported projects are debuts of directors of internationally acclaimed short films.

The highest support, a total of EUR 880 000, was granted to Franz by Oscar-nominated director Agniezska Holland (Charlatan,
Mr. Jones, Burning Bush, Spoor
), offering a new perspective on the phenomenon of Franz Kafka and the world of his exceptional imagination. The film is produced by Holland's regular collaborator Marlene Film Production, with Germany, Ireland and Poland co-producing.

The second highest support of EUR 400 000 went to the Czech Republic-Slovakia-Poland coproduction Dance with the Bear by director and screenwriter Jitka Rudolfová (The Watchmaker's Apprentice, Delight). The young protagonist faces the dilemma of whether to give birth to a child who may have a Down syndrome or to have an abortion, as recommended by her doctors and family. The Czech producer is Luminar Film.

Among the supported projects is also a bitter comedy entitled Pig Slaughter, in which the vanishing country ritual of pig killing feast clashes with the today's social habits. The feature debut of Adam Martinec, the author of the award-winning short Anatomy of a Czech Afternoon, which was supported with EUR 296 000 is produced by Breathless Films.

Chica Checa, a Czech Republic-Hungary-Spain coproduction film by director and screenwriter Šimon Holý (Mirrors in the Dark, And Then There Was Love...) dealing with the subject of homosexuality and coming out in an original way, was supported with EUR 280 000. The film is produced by Silk Films.

The Other Side of Summer by Vojtěch Strakatý (short film Stuck, upcoming debut feature Eternal Peace), convincingly conveys the atmosphere of summer, the boredom of vacation and feelings of the anticipation of holiday adventure. The film produced by Beginner's Mind was supported with EUR 256 000.

The second supported feature debut is Near / Far by Ondřej Erban (short film One Hundred and Twenty-eight Thousand). A former movie star tries to solve his personal and professional burnout by escaping from civilization. In the middle of the woods, he is caught by the news of his ex-wife's death and the need to take care of their only son. A film about self-discovery and the willingness to change was supported with EUR 240 000. The Czech producer is Shore Points, the co-production country is Slovakia.

The sequel to the successful 2019 comedy The Last Aristocrat, with the working title Last Aristocrat 2 by director and screenwriter Jiří Vejdělek (Patrimony, Women in Temptation, Václav) was supported with EUR 80 000. The comedy about the Czech-American family, who regained their ancestral mansion, is produced by Evolution Films, with a Slovak co-producer.

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