Vít Janeček

Czech Republic , D1film

Vít Janeček

Director , Producer , Writer , Story , DoP , Editor , Sound , Music , Film Contact


Lichens Are the Way

2024, Film Contact, Producer

Olympic Halftime

2023, Film Contact, Producer


2023, Producer, Film contact

The Unbalanced

2022, Producer, Editor, Film Contact


2021, Film Contact, Producer

Housing Against Everyone

2021, Film Contact, Producer

At Full Throttle

2021, Film Contact, Producer

University and Freedom

2019, Director, Producer, Writer, Editor, Story

The State Capture

2019, Film Contact

The Siege

2019, Director, Producer, Writer, DoP, Editor, Sound, Story

Peasant Common Sense

2017, Film Contact, Director, Producer, Writer, DoP, Editor, Sound, Story

Czech Allah

2017, Film Contact, Editor, Music

Difficult Choice

2016, Producer, Writer, Editor

The Monk

2014, Producer

Race to the Bottom

2011, Director, Writer

Ivetka and the Mountain

2008, Director, Writer

History of Jaroslav Šabata

2007, Director, Writer

Battle for Life

2000, Director, Writer, DoP

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