Radim Procházka

Czech Republic , Kuli Film , Produkce Radim Procházka

Radim Procházka

Director , Producer , Writer , Story , DoP , Film Contact



2027, Producer

Babu in the Night City

2027, Producer, Film contact

Lawrence of Moravia

2024, Film Contact, Producer, Producer, Film contact

Death of the Death

2024, Co-producer, Film contact

The Price of a Story

2023, Producer, Film contact

Wild Prague

2022, Film Contact, Producer, Writer, Story


2022, Director, Producer, Writer, Story

Pongo Calling

2022, Film Contact, Producer

The Commune

2020, Film Contact

We Can Do Better

2018, Director, Producer, Writer

D is for Division

2018, Film Contact

Wilder Than Wilderness

2017, Film Contact, Producer, Story

Blind Gulliver

2016, Producer

Journey to Rome

2015, Producer

Dust of the Ground

2015, Film Contact, Producer

The Navel of the Sky

2012, Director, Writer

Long Live the Family

2011, Producer

The Greatest Czechs

2010, Producer

Desk-based Assassination

2007, Director, Producer, Writer

Rules of Lying

2006, Producer

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