Šimon Holý

Czech Republic , šššššFilm

Šimon Holý

Director , Producer , Writer , Story , Music , Film Contact

Šimon Holý was born in Prague in 1994. He graduated from the Department of Feature Film Directing at FAMU. His feature debut Mirrors in the Dark premiered in 2021 at Karlovy Vary and travelled around the world. The movie was nominated for two Czech Film Critics Awards including Newcomer of the Year. His second film And Then There Was Love… premiered a year after at Karlovy Vary in Proxima Competition and received one nomination for both Czech Film Critics Awards and Czech Film Academy Award. He is a radio host of weekly pop-culture show Kompot at the Czech Radio channel Radio Wave for which he also wrote and directed two seasons of podcast series Zkouškový (Exams of Life) and another well-received drama series Rozchod (Break-Up). He is currently in pre-production with another films Chica Checa and Thinking David.


Thinking David

2025, Writer, Director

The Best Christmas in the History of the World

2025, Director, Producer, Writer, Film contact

Chica Checa

2024, Director, Writer

Borders of Love

2022, Music

And Then There Was Love...

2022, Director, Producer, Writer, Music, Story, Film Contact

Mirrors in the Dark

2021, Film Contact, Director, Producer, Writer, Music, Story

Winter Flies

2018, Music

Totally Talking

2014, Music

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