Julietta Sichel

Czech Republic , 8Heads Productions

Julietta Sichel

Producer , Film Contact

Julietta Sichel is a Czech film producer, film theorist, film historian, journalist and festival programmer. From 1995 she worked as a Programmer at the Karlovy Vary IFF and from 2005 to 2010, she was the festival’s Program Director. She started producing films in 2010, after founding her own production company, 8Heads Productions. Julietta Sichel and her 8Heads Productions focus mainly on international coproductions and on projects with an international potential. Films produced or co-produced by 8Heads Productions were presented at numerous festivals around the world including Busan, Karlovy Vary, Tallinn, Chicago, Jeonju, Zlín, Montreal, BIKY, Teheran, Raindance, Sarajevo, Kiev, Jihlava Documentary Film Festival, ZagrebDox, Houston and many others.


Like Air

2027, Film contact


2025, Producer, Film contact

Ice Break

2023, Producer, Producer


2021, Film Contact

The Sign Painter

2020, Film Contact

The Pack

2020, Film Contact, Producer

My Father, the Spy

2019, Film Contact

The Cellar

2018, Film Contact, Producer

8 Heads Of Madness

2017, Producer

The Chronicles of Melanie

2016, Film Contact

Ministry of Love

2016, Producer

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