Evolution Films

Pavel Berčík

Producer , Story , Film Contact


Team Havnaa

2024, Co-producer

Architecture 58-89

2024, Producer

The World between Us

2023, Producer, Film contact

House of Meadows

2023, Co-producer

Dragon Girl

2020, Film Contact

Doggy Love

2020, Film Contact, Producer

Watchmaker's Apprentice

2019, Film Contact, Producer

The Last Aristocrat

2019, Producer


2019, Film Contact


2017, Film Contact, Producer

Magic Voice of a Rebel

2014, Producer

Czech Beer War

2014, Producer, Story

Věra Čáslavská - 68

2012, Film Contact, Producer

New Life of a Family Album

2012, Film Contact, Producer

Into Oblivion

2011, Producer

A Tear Is Needed

2009, Film Contact, Producer

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